6 ways to deal with Lifestyle Diseases


Lifestyle diseases are those unidentified criminals inside your body that find silent ways to trouble your body. While the disease can be treated with basic medication, the side effect it has on your mood, lifestyle is often left identified and often makes you think, feel and believe that you are constantly irritated and very seldom do you find yourself in peace

1) Knowledge: Know your disease, study it in detail, find out the different facets associated with it from relevant medical experts, doctors and well-wishers. When you study your ailment in detail you tend to normalise its effects and eventually accept it so much that its side effect ceases to effect. So having adequate knowledge is a must. However, what you have to be careful about is the unwanted knowledge that is available on the internet. Some basic questions could be easily answered on the internet but if you overdo your research even a little bit, it could make you jump to conclusions that are often scary and are seldom right. So right knowledge, from a credible source, is suggested. 

2) Check it, keep a tab: There are two extreme types in handling the disease. Some people ignore it completely, while others check it way too many times and expect drastic results. A small bubble-burster here, all ailments especially diseases are not fever and cold that could be cured in a week or so, chronic lifestyle diseases are long term illnesses that can stay as long as you live sometimes. So, the best way to deal with it is to keep checking it regularly and reducing its impact as far as possible. Reducing its impact to the least is equivalent to making the disease dormant and inactive. 

3) Follow your rules: Every lifestyle disease or every disease has its own sets of precautions that you need to follow and abide by. If you have sugar, you know your diet has to be modified, if you have blood pressure, you know your salt intake should be minimal, if you have a kidney disorder you know alcohol intake should be barred and so forth. Every illness brings with it certain restrictions, which has to be strictly followed. Falling into peer pressure and starting new habits, not modifying your health as it is required will only lead to making your disease more serious. A place you wouldn’t want to get to. So, start now, follow your rules efficiently. 

4) Don’t use this to justify your weakness: No doubt there are certain restrictions, but, does that mean you use your illness as a reason for your weakness. No, right? You shouldn’t be doing that. Do not stop yourself from making the impossible possible at the same time does not make your illness a reason for your weakness. An opportunist will make the best out of any given situation whatsoever. An illness probably happened because you weren’t probably about certain things earlier. But, making the best out of the situation, doing everything possible to evade a given negative situation is the most valuable trait. 

5) Sharing: Some people like making a big fuss about a given lifestyle disease. But, in reality, it is not in our hand to decide how a certain someone perceives your disease. There might be people who blow it out of proportion and make a big deal of it and you might also fight people who belittle it by making you feel like you are overthinking about it. Neither of the opinions is good. It is best to keep it private and look at your issues for what they are. Sharing with family members and friends or other intimate members will give you a certain level of empathy and understanding which will help you cope with things in a better manner. However, sharing it with anybody else is going to lead you to a very uncertain situation. 

The Emotional Turmoil: If you observe carefully, you might feel nothing a day before but on the day the doctor diagnoses a certain illness in you, you tend to feel it very strongly. What to notice here is the fact that a lot of the problem-solution game is arranged and played in your mind. Believe that it is not much, believe that the problem is way smaller than your blissful existence. The emotional turmoil that is caused in your mind is your own making, not an effect of the problem and so, just like medicine is prescribed to tackle the problem, a mental revelation that everything is absolutely normal should be understood and ingrained deep in your head. This will keep you away from problems that come into existence when you are actually dealing with another problem. 

Lifestyle diseases have become a common problem to deal with, but the secret lies in dealing with these issues the right way!

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