5 Tips To Subside A Panic Attack


Our life is a mixture of ups and downs. There are some beautiful surprises and some unpleasant shocks. In this journey, we have to accept all that life offers us, being aware that it is going to be temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Some sudden, unfortunate situations often shake us up and many people find it difficult to accept such situations as it impacts them severely. 

Panic attacks are nothing but a rampant, unbearable and overwhelming feeling of extreme anxiety. Panic attacks impact both your mind and body. You might experience breathlessness, and vomiting sensations and might even sweat profusely. Overall, you tend to feel like you are breaking down. A typical panic attack might last for as short as 2-3 minutes and can extend up to half an hour. 

Panic attacks are definitely challenging to handle. It is important that we take the right steps to reduce its impact at the earliest. 

Below are a few vital steps which can help you control and subside the impact of panic attacks 

  1. Remember it is only a change in your adrenaline levels 

It is important to ensure that we are not governed by our insecurities and fears when it comes to panic attacks. The physical and mental changes we experience seem very scary, but in reality, they do not harm us as much as they seem to. The adrenaline dump is experienced due to extreme anxiousness and nervousness. We must realize that we have the ability to control it. When we think positively, it will be easier for us to overcome the situation. Counselling yourself or taking someone’s help can be of great help. 

  1. Try to continue with your work 

There is no ideal time for a panic attack to occur. The triggers are different for different people and it is hard to predict when and where they will happen. One of the best ways to run out of a panic attack is to get back at what you were doing. Fighting it at that moment will only make it worse. Forcefully trying to distract oneself might increase anxiety. Trying to keep pursuing some of the other task, until you have completely calmed down. Slowly and steadily you will realize that you feel better by the minute. 

  1. Regulate your breathing 

Conscious breathing often helps us feel relaxed. Every time you experience a panic attack, reduce the pace of your breathing as slow as you can. Take slow, deep, long breaths. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You can continue this for as long as you want. 

Conscious breathing can help you experience calmness within a few minutes.  It controls your thoughts and emotions, regulates your blood pressure and eases your nervous system. Slow deep breaths will calm your mind and body and you will start to feel better real soon.

  1. Change the Surroundings

Sometimes, it is a place, person or a similar situation that gives us a panic attack. If you feel like you are experiencing an attack because of any of the above factors, then immediately walk out of the place. This will instantly drop your anxiety levels. Greenery or any water body can also help in bringing us back to a normal state of mind. To prevent a situation like this, we must always be alert and keep ourselves away from places that bother us. 

  1. Accept the reactions that your body gives out

You might cry and sweat when your body is going through a panic attack. Let your mind and body react naturally. These outpourings are nothing but the inbuilt stress and anxiety finding their way out of your system. After all of this, you might feel extremely exhausted and tired, but that is okay too. Take a long nap and give your body the rest it seeks.

Panic attacks amplify your anxiety and make you feel like you are reaching the very end. The solution to dealing with a panic attack is in recognising our fears and not letting them govern our thought processes. Our minds should be excessively strong and should be focused on our goals. We should give absolutely no attention to our fears, eventually, with regular practice, you will overcome these fears and you will attain a state of calm. 

Here are a few tips to prevent panic attacks. 

  1. Understand your triggers, but do not let them govern your life.
  2. Practice mindfulness and regularly exercise.
  3. Give your body the nutrition it seeks. Ensure that all your vitals are normal.
  4. Restrict the intake of alcohol and tobacco. These substances increase the chances of experiencing panic attacks. 
  5. Always seek help, from parents, friends and well-wishers. In extreme cases, approach a counsellor. 

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