5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep Quality

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A healthy sleep time of 8 hours at night is a necessity for your body. Quality sleep is associated with higher productivity levels during the day and keeps your mind and body active. There are many who find it difficult to get good quality sleep at night. There could be many issues that can disturb your sleep. The reasons can vary from mild reasons like external disturbances to serious reasons like anxiety and depression and other sleep disorders. The best way to tackle sleep disorders is by identifying the seriousness of the problem and then implementing solutions accordingly. 

Below are 5 tips that can ensure quality sleep at night 

  1. Getting adequate exposure to bright light in the day

Our mind, body and behavior follows a Circadian Rhythm which initiates a set of natural processes that impact our brain and body round the clock. This rhythm makes your body respond to light and darkness and gives you an indication on when to sleep and when to stay awake. Bright light exposure in the day impacts your circadian rhythm positively. So one of the reasons why you might not get adequate sleep could be the lack of exposure to sunlight. Our work schedules and other duties keep us away from sunlight. We will have to take steps consciously to fix this. Take a walk between 7 to 8 in the morning and you’ll benefit tremendously. Sunlight also gives your body an adequate amount of vitamins. Overall you’ll get a good night’s sleep. 

  1. Caffeine is for the day 

Caffeine and sleep are complete opposites. Caffeine improves the functioning of your mind and body and makes you alert. Many sports enthusiasts and players prefer caffeine based drinks to keep them energized through the game. Research confirms that caffeine can stay in your blood approximately between 5 to 7 hours. Hence if you decide to consume caffeine based drinks like coffee or any aerated drink in the evening or late in the night, you will find it difficult to sleep. Some of us might get more impacted than the others. Caffeine drinks are great right in the morning or during a mid day break, but post that they will disturb your sleep. Restricting your caffeine consumption to the first half of the day is advised. 

  1. Sleep Discipline 

To get good quality sleep, it becomes imperative to maintain a uniform sleep schedule. Many studies highlight the fact that people who have an erratic sleep schedule often end up having distrubed sleep. Maintaining a uniform pattern will give you the right amount of quality sleep that our body rightfully seeks. A good way to initiate this schedule is to ensure that you go to bed at a fixed time and set an alarm for  7-8 hours later. It might be a little difficult in the beginning, but give it a few weeks and your body will find it easier to follow this schedule and your sleep quality will improve.

Another common issue that causes sleeplessness is taking longer naps during the day. While small naps between 15-30 mins are known to boost your energy, longer naps can reduce the quality of sleep in the night which is more essential for our bodies. If you are someone who tends to sleep more than half an hour during the day, then refrain from taking naps and you will have a good quality sleep at night. Sleep discipline is a key factor in enabling good quality sleep in the long run.

  1. Prepare for your sleep 

Sleeping should be a very pampering experience for your mind and body. You can create a very hospitable environment to make sure you get good sleep. Keep your bedroom neat and clean, let your bed sheets be fresh and shut your doors and windows if necessary to stop any external noise. You can also put cotton in your ears, in case your house is closer to the main road. If possible,  take a nice shower before you go to bed. Research has shown that showers can improve your sleep quality. If you do not wish to take a bath before you sleep than simply soak your feet in lukewarm water, this too will relax your body to a great extent. A relaxed mind and body is well prepared for good sleep. 

  1. Keep your mind calm 

Our mind is like a chatterbox. It constantly keeps thinking all the time. Sometimes, overthinking can reduce your sleep quality because your mind is not at rest. A good way to fix this would be to meditate for a little while before you head to sleep. Meditation helps in streamlining your thoughts and emotions and makes you calm and balanced. You could also read a book or listen to some pleasant music. One thing we must refrain from doing is to use the phone. Using the phone keeps your mind active and hence you will end up overthinking. 

A good night’s sleep is extremely important for our mental and physical well being. If we do not sleep right, we will not be able to perform any of our activities properly during the day. There are several sleep disorders that tamper with our sleep quality. In case you feel like you are not able to get good sleep for a prolonged period of time then you must consult a doctor and fix the issue at the earliest. Follow the tips mentioned above for a good night’s sleep and improve the quality of your life.

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