World Health Day is observed across the globe on the 7th of April every year. The purpose behind observing this day is to bring awareness to the World Health Organization’s aim to recognise the different health problems and issues that impact lives across the globe. The first ever time this day was celebrated in the year 1950. The theme WHO has chosen for the current year is “Our Planet, Our Health” This theme has been chosen keeping in mind the issues that have arised due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic and other issues like rapidly increasing pollution that negatively impact the planet and cause severe health problems to humans as well. 

Pollution has been a serious concern for our planet for decades now. It bothers both the planet and us. Pollution in the air and water is causing serious damage to the planet and to our health. The Air we breathe has gasses that can cause heart and lung diseases. The covid hit world has further made lung diseases a serious concern.We have to find ways where we can reduce pollution and thereby keep our mind and body in good health

Here are few tips you can implement this World Health Day for a better planet and for our better health 

  1. Car Pooling: This system is extremely good for the environment and our health too. The air pollution caused by cars can cause cardiovascular diseases, lung ailments, skin irritation and other serious health problems. When you practice carpooling, you tend to reduce the emission of various gasses like carbon in the air thereby keeping your body free from health hazards.  You can also replace the car pooling system with efficient transport like riding a cycle to work or even use buses and metro trains for commuting.
  1. Say No to Plastic: Research says that humans eat upto 40 pounds of plastic during their lifetime. Pollution caused due to plastic impacts air, water and our bodies. In fact it is predicted that by 2050 there might be more plastic than fish in our oceans.  The best way to replace plastic is to look at age-old practices. Using alternatives like disposable leaves, recyclable bags, cloth bags, steel containers and use essential plastic items for a longer duration. 
  1. Let’s Choose To Be an Educated Shopper: Today we have the power to be a part of the change. Articles sold online or offline can be researched upon by us as a customer to check if they are environment friendly and cruelty free. When we buy products that are environmentally friendly, we are conserving the planet from further damage and also keeping our health free from any ailment. We too are a part of the environment, if we take steps to take care of the environment, nature in return will take care of us. 
  1. Soil and Food consumption: Food is the source of life. We have to conserve the soil before it loses more of its nutrients and nourishing qualities. The soil that supports life across the planet needs to be taken care of. One best way in which you can conserve the soil is by planting trees. Plant as many trees as possible in your locality and it will certainly make some difference to help restore the soil quality. For us to consume nutritious food, the soil has to enable an environment where the food grows well. Good and nutritious food will enable good health. Further it is best to consume fresh food instead of buying processed food which contains preservatives and chemicals that can cause harm in the long run.
  1. Tobacco Consumption: Tobacco harms the environment just like it harms us. The cigarette butt releases harmful chemicals that make its way into the soil and water and pollutes it. Tobacco consumption in humans causes several health hazards that can be life threatening. By reducing our tobacco consumption we are keeping ourselves and our environment free of hazards.

In these challenging times it has become extremely essential to pay attention to our long well being and a stabilized environment. If we engrian the habit of sustainability and conservation in all the decisions we take, we will truly move towards a future where we all are in good health and the planet also exists at its best. This will truly make us achieve the motto of ‘Our Planet, Our Health.’ Do your bit and be the change.

Happy World Health Day!

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