29 healthy ways to boost your immunity

boost your immunity

One recent phenomenon that shook the entire world is coronavirus. It has disrupted economies world-wide, created fear in billions of people, and caused thousands of deaths. It has become the hottest topic of the planet with breaking news every minute. TV channels, WhatsApp forwards, internet are all filled with news related to this. And there is a lot of non-expert advice going around on how to protect oneself, what to eat, what not to eat, and so on. 

Government of India has issued guidelines and safety measures to protect oneself from coronavirus. Let’s all follow these safety measures. In addition to following these safety measures, there is one key aspect we all need to work on – not just during this time when coronavirus hit the world but every day. Who knows what new virus can come tomorrow? When each of us takes care of this one key aspect, we are better equipped to deal with coronavirus and several other diseases. Not just diseases but also up’s and down’s of life. So, what’s that key aspect which can help us tremendously in life’s tough times? It is strengthening our immunity.

Nature has blessed all of us with an immune system whose job is to protect us from viruses, bacteria, and parasites. This immune system works day in and day out to protect us from diseases. Then why are so many people getting diseases? It’s because of poor maintenance of this immune system due to various reasons. If we want to stay healthy in all seasons, Our important duty is to keep this immune system strong and healthy so that it can do its job efficiently. 

We are not just physical bodies, but we also have mind and spirit. So, our work should be holistic, and we should work on 3 levels – body, mind, and spirit to strengthen our immunity. This is not a work of a few days or few weeks or till corona medicine is discovered. Boost your immunity is a work that should become part of our routine and lifestyle. So, how to do this?

29 pointers on strengthening immunity:


1. Avoid junk, and processed foods as these foods weaken the immunity. 

2. Stay away from foods that have sugar, white flour, preservatives.

3. Avoid frozen foods.

4. Eat wholesome, healthy foods freshly prepared at home. 

5. Have a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

6. Eat food that is well balanced in carbs, proteins, and fats.

7. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and aerated drinks.

8. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Hydrate yourself well.

9. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

10. Sleep well. Having a sufficient amount of sleep is important to boost your immunity.

11. Expose yourself to sunlight.

12. Involve yourself in any physical activity like walking, jogging, gymming, gardening, yoga, etc. everyday. This physical activity boost your immunity.

13. Allow sunlight and fresh air to enter your home by opening doors and windows of your home every day.

14. Ensure your vitamin levels are in normal range.

15. Practice oil pulling.

16. Practice Jal Neti and hot water gargle.

17. Sauna and Steam.

18. Add ancient foods like ghee, amla, turmeric to your diet.


1. Inculcate positive emotions like kindness, joy, compassion, love gratitude as these positive emotions are proven to strengthen the body’s defense system in various experiments done by researchers. These positive emotions strengthen your body, mind, spirit, and make life beautiful.

Positive emotions

2. All of us make mistakes, but holding on to these mistakes forever causes a negative impact on our health. Learn the lesson and move on rather than holding onto guilt or grudge. Forgive self and others.

3. If you are going through fearful thought of your body getting sick, create an opposite thought as recommended by Sage Patanjali. So, you can create positive affirmations like – “My body is happy, healthy, strong,” and focus on your body’s health whenever you go through fearful thoughts.

4. Keep smiling. Even an artificial, forced smile has a positive impact on the body. Then, what great benefits can a real smile bring? So, smile any which way you like.

5. De-stress yourself every day by deep breathing. Practice deep breathing by focussing on your breath. Your thoughts and breath are connected, and you can minimize your stressful thoughts by focusing on your breath. Deep breathing can relax you. You can do this any time when you’re feeling anxiety and stress.

6. When fearful emotions take over you, you can practice awareness on your body sensations without judgment. This can bring a lot of balance to your thoughts and emotions.

7. Your body responds to your visualization. Visualize your body to be healthy and strong.


1. If you are a religious person, you may benefit from praying. Praying to God will give you comfort to know that you are in the safe hands of divine and divine is looking after you. Pray to God, Universal energy, or any term that you are comfortable with. Pray not only for you and your family but also for the health of everyone around you. All of us have infinite potential, and our small prayers add strength to the world and ourselves.

2. Practice meditation and yoga to de-stress yourself and to strengthen yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

3. Spend time in nature, at least occasionally. Nature is the best healer.

4. And last but not least – Enjoy life and be happy. Being happy is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system. Make your happiness your priority. Don’t wait for others to make you happy. Create your happiness by doing various activities like listening to your favorite music, dancing, cooking, singing, painting, praying, etc.

These are some pointers that help you in strengthening your immune system.

Take all the safety measures recommended by doctors and health professionals like washing your hands, maintaining proper hygiene, etc. In addition to these measures, focus on building your immune system. Make this part of your everyday routine and your lifestyle. Be an inspiration and role model to your children and people around you by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Wish you and your family all the good health!

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