20 unexpected benefits of spending time in nature

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Do you remember the last time you sat under the cool shade of a huge tree? When was the last time you watched Sunrise? When did you last fall in love with the full moon? When did you enjoy rain like a child? Many of us struggle to find answers to these questions because we are living fast-paced modern life with no time to enjoy the nature around us. We are lost in the mad rush of life trying to cope up with various activities. Our ambitions are high, our schedules are busy, and life is hectic. Due to this busy life, we are unable to spend time in nature.

Green trees, birds, animals, flowers of different colors, Sunlight, moon, stars, lakes, Sea, cool breeze etc. – Mother nature’s forms are many. We, humans, are also part of nature as much as trees and birds are. Roots of our existence are in nature. We are very much dependent on nature for our survival. Yet, many of us don’t make nature an important part of our life, and as part of modernization and urbanization, we have traveled miles away from nature.

So, what are the benefits of spending time in nature? Why should we prioritize spending our time in nature? Below are the benefits.

20 benefits of spending time in nature:

1. Spending time in nature is a great stress buster. In modern times, stress is common, and it is one of the major causes of lifestyle diseases. When we spend time in nature regularly, our stress levels come down, and our risk of getting lifestyle diseases reduces.

2. It boosts our immunity system and keeps it strong. Strong immunity is essential for a disease-free life.

3. It relaxes the body and mind. Research has shown that just spending only 5minutes of time in nature is enough to experience the relaxing effects of nature.

4. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

5. It improves memory and concentration.

6. It helps in aging gracefully. A study has shown that elderly people who spent time outdoors had fewer complaints of aging issues like body pains, poor sleep, etc.

7. It improves mental health. It reduces anxiety, depression, fears, and worries.

8. It is a great mood enhancer. When you are feeling low, just spend some time in nature and feel the magic.

9. As per the energy healing system, our body’s health is dependent on the quantity of prana present in us. When we have a sufficient level of prana in us, our health will be at its best. Sun, Earth, Air are sources of healthy prana or bioplasmic energy, and spending time in nature floods our entire system with high amounts of prana.

10. It accelerates the healing rate of our body.

11. It increases happiness in a person. Happiness is essential for the emotional well-being of a person.

12. It inspires creativity and improves problem-solving skills.

13. We do many activities daily, and it is common to get drained of energy. Spending time in nature recharges our body, mind, and soul. 

14. Often in life, we are caught up in monotonous tasks, and spending time in nature gives us a break from monotony. It gives a fresh perspective on life.

15. It improves skin health and promotes anti-aging.

16. Good quality sleep is very important for good health. Spending time in nature improves the quality of sleep.

17. When exposed to Sunlight in nature, it improves Vitamin D levels in the body and brings several benefits.

18. Research found that spending time in nature also improves the self-esteem of a person.


19. Our physical fitness improves. Research has shown that it is easier to be consistent with exercise when done outdoors in nature than done in a closed space. So, if you are struggling to make exercise a habit, try exercising outdoors.

20. It improves the overall quality of life and satisfaction.

These are the benefits of spending time in nature. So, how much time to spend in nature to reap the benefits? Research has revealed us below pointers.

1. When people exercised for just 5 minutes in nature, their self-esteem and mood are enhanced.

2. When people spent just 2 hours per week in nature, they experienced an improvement in their physical and mental health.

3. In 2013, David Suzuki’s Foundation conducted a 30X30 challenge. This challenge was to spend 30 minutes in nature every day for 30 days. 10,000 Canadians participated in this challenge and below are the benefits experienced by the participants.

1. Increased energy levels

2. Improved productivity in job

3. Stress reduction

4. Improved quality of sleep

5. Increased happiness

So, you can spend any amount of time in nature as per your schedule. By nature, it does not mean one should go to only hill stations and far-off destinations. This travel might not be feasible for everyone. Spending time under a tree or a nearby park will also yield great benefits.

How to spend time in nature? Below are some ideas.

1. Brisk walking

2. Jogging

3. Sitting and meditating

4. Practicing deep breathing

5. Playing outdoor games

6. Exercising the body

7. Hiking

8. Practicing Yoga

Research has shown that just seeing nature regularly also yields benefits like a faster rate of healing, de-stressing, etc. So, even if you are not in a mood to do anything in nature, just go out and sit in nature. Enjoy the fresh air. Not even in a mood to go out? Then, here is a tip for you. Research demonstrated that even imagining nature in mind can reduce our anxiety and stress. Isn’t it amazing? So, whenever you want to de-stress, just imagine sitting under a big tree or walking in a forest. You can also place some wonderful paintings of nature in your home to relax your mood.

Association with nature in any form yields us benefits. So, let’s make nature an intrinsic part of our lives. Nature is beautiful to eyes, joyful to heart, and gives us several free gifts like Sunshine, cool breeze, rainbows, star-lit skies, tall trees, etc. These gifts cannot be made by man. Only nature can give us such gifts. So, let’s prioritize spending time in nature and enjoy these priceless gifts.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

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