20 benefits of ghee you should know


Ghee is one of the essential ingredients of traditional Indian cooking, which adds that unique taste to the food. Our grandmothers used Ghee generously in their cooking. It was part of Indian foods like –dal, Pongal, pickles, sweets, roti, poli, paratha, idli etc. It was served on rice generously before rice was eaten, and the first morsel of rice was consumed with Ghee. It was fed to children and elders alike and was also part of special foods given to pregnant ladies. Ghee’s aroma filled the kitchens run by our grandmothers. There was no fear of cholesterol or fat associated with Ghee in ancient India. No one thought it was unhealthy.

Ghee was not only part of our kitchens but was also heavily used in all the rituals. It was part of panchamrit – five nectars – used for worshipping God. Diya or lamp was lit using cow ghee. It was used in Homam or fire ritual and given as a sacred offering to Gods. All the major rituals centered around Ghee. 

In Ayurveda – the Indian Science of health and longevity, Ghee was used to prepare medicines for various ailments, and it is considered as sattvic food full of Prana. Ghee was regarded as a medicine full of healing properties.

In olden days, Ghee is considered very auspicious and offered by students to Guru as a sacred offering. There is a Sanskrit saying which beautifully expresses the value of Ghee– “runam krutva, ghrutam pibet” which means “Even if you have to take a loan, ensure that you can drink ghee.” Such is the importance given to Ghee in ancient India. Then, life did not exist without Ghee.

After globalization and the impact of western countries on India, we started associating Ghee with cholesterol and fat. Ghee is feared as an unhealthy substance, and many families stopped eating it due to various fears associated with Ghee. People stopped eating Ghee due to fear of putting on weight. Ghee is seen as an enemy that increases cholesterol and weight and is seen as harmful for the heart. Ghee went into the list of foods to avoid. Grandmother’s wisdom was ridiculed.

And now, scales are reversed. Ghee became a highly worshiped substance by the western world, and scientific research has hailed Ghee as the superfood. Hollywood celebrities started talking about Ghee for better fitness, and western doctors started recommending Ghee for better health. Ghee is everywhere now. It was even given as a goodie for the 2019 Oscar awards event to Hollywood stars. Finally, our grandmother’s wisdom went to Hollywood and Oscars.

This is the story of our grandmother’s humble Ghee. Now, the truth is out about the Ghee, and it is time to embrace Ghee with joy and without guilt and fear. It’s time to bring the sweet aroma of Ghee back into our kitchens, our food, and our life.

Ghee can be made from the milk extracted from buffalo or cow. Cow ghee is considered the best form of Ghee. While choosing Ghee for your family, choose the best quality of Ghee, which is extracted from a cow because the type of Ghee you are using makes a significant difference to the taste and benefits received. Check out this good quality cow ghee. Below are the benefits of Ghee.

20 benefits of ghee:

1. Ghee is an excellent source of a fatty acid named butyrate, which plays an important role in maintaining digestive health. Ghee improves the digestion power of the body.

2. It promotes healthy weight loss, contrary to the popular misconceptions about it.

Weight loss with ghee

3. It makes eating food a satisfying experience, which in turn helps you manage your food cravings. So it helps in cutting down unwanted junk food.

4. Healthy joints are important for good health. Ghee helps in lubrication and keeping body joints in good health.

5. It improves skin health.

6. It is a good fat which breaks down unwanted fats in the body.

7. Stress is the cause of several lifestyle diseases. Regular consumption of Ghee helps you de-stress and sleep better.

8. It helps in the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K

9. It improves intelligence and memory because 60% of our brain is made of fat, and Ghee is a good source of healthy fat.

10. It strengthens the brain and nervous system.

 11. A strong spine plays an important role in maintaining one’s youthfulness and health. Ghee gives stability and strength to the spine.

12. It reduces cholesterol.

13. Insulin-resistance of the body leads to diseases like diabetes, PCOD, and obesity. Ghee helps you in managing insulin-resistance better.

14. In energy terms, Ghee has golden energy, and this golden energy is important in rejuvenation and longevity of your body. Golden energy promotes physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health. 

15. It improves the clarity of thinking.

16. Strong immunity is essential to keep the body healthy and strong. Ghee enhances the immunity of your body and helps you stay healthy in seasonal changes.

17. It promotes eye health.

18. Ghee improves the flexibility of your body.

19. According to Ayurveda, Ghee is sattvic food that promotes a positive mind and peace within.

20. Lighting a lamp with Ghee is an excellent way to improve the energies and positivity of your home.

Sushruta, the ancient Indian physician, wrote the book “Sushruta Samhita” which is considered as the foundational text of Ayurveda. In Sanskrit, Ghee is called as ghrita, and Sushruta sums it up about ghrita as below,

“Ghrita is sweet, mild in action, soft, cold in potency (Virya), not increasing moisture in the tissues, lubricating, relieves upward movement in the alimentary tract, insanity, epilepsy, colic, fever, and distension of the abdomen, mitigates vata and pitta, kindles agni, increases memory, wisdom, intelligence, complexion, voice, beauty, softness of the body, vitality, vigor, strength, and span of life; is an aphrodisiac, good for vision, increases kapha, wards off sins and inauspiciousness destroys poisons and demons.”

Such are the huge benefits of Ghee. Ghee not only adds rich taste and joy to the food but also bestows all these great benefits. So, enjoy Ghee with your dal, idlis, parathas without any guilt and fear.

Make ghee part of your daily life and stay healthy and happy!

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