10 tips to reduce the risk of getting diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases of the current times. It is a chronic disease that does not have a cure. The number of people getting type 2 diabetes is increasing with each passing day. In India, it is estimated that 8.7% of the population is diabetic, and this number is growing. Diabetes impacts the health negatively and causes various issues. It is one of the major causes of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke, and premature death.

So, what is diabetes? When we eat food, it releases glucose in the body. The pancreas is a gland in the body that secretes a hormone called insulin. Insulin takes glucose to the cells in the body. Diabetes is a condition where the insulin is not secreted in the body at all, or the body is unable to utilize the secreted insulin. When insulin is not secreted by the pancreas, it is called type 1 diabetes. This usually occurs in children and rarely occurs in adults. When insulin is secreted by the pancreas, but cells stop responding to insulin, glucose levels rise in the blood. This condition is called type 2 diabetes. 

Factors causing type 2 diabetes: There are several factors that cause type 2 diabetes. Some of these factors are

1. Obesity

2. Sedentary lifestyle

3. Eating foods which lack fiber

4. Stress

5. High BP

6. High levels of triglycerides in the body

7. Poor lifestyle choices like eating too much junk food, disturbed sleep, etc.

8. Hereditary

These are some factors that may cause type 2 diabetes.

So, how to reduce the risk of getting diabetes? Below are ten tips.

1. Avoid refined foods – Refined foods such as white rice and white flour do not contain fiber. All the vitamins, minerals are removed from them, and they give only empty calories when eaten. They are poor in nutritional value. When food does not contain fiber, it leads to overeating, and glucose is released in large quantities into the blood in one go. When this is repeatedly done, it leads to type 2 diabetes. So, remove refined foods from your diet.

2. Eat whole grains – Consume whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat flour, millets. These whole grains are full of fiber, and they release glucose slowly into the blood. They also retain nutrients, and overeating is not possible with whole grains. If you are used to refined foods, gradually make a switch to whole grains. 

3. Exercise – Leading a sedentary lifestyle will burden the body with high levels of glucose, and it leads to type 2 diabetes. So, start exercising. When you exercise regularly, the excess glucose is spent. 


4. Maintain a healthy weight – Healthy weight is not only for good looks but also for good health. Obesity causes insulin resistance in the body, and it increases the risk of getting diabetes. If you are overweight or obese, take your weight loss seriously even if you are not a model or you are beyond the age of getting married. Work for it systematically, and you will very soon lose the excess weight.

5. Add vegetables to your diet – Add lots of vegetables to your diet because vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients. When you eat more vegetables, you consume less amount of grains. When compared to vegetables, grains carry higher levels of carbohydrates and release higher levels of glucose. Adding more vegetables to your diet reduces the amount of glucose released in your body. Vegetables, which are rich in nutrients, fill your stomach very quickly, and it leads to better eating habits.

6. Reduce stress – Stress is common in current times, but stress is one of the major factors which cause diabetes. Stress increases the insulin resistance of the cells. So, handle your stress better by meditating or enrolling in a yoga class or by using aromatherapy oils. It is very important to reduce stress if you want to reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

7. Sleep well – Sleep is a basic need of the body. During sleep, the body goes through repair and rejuvenation. When we don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep, toxins accumulate in the body. This disturbs the healthy state of the body and burdens the whole body. So, sleep well. Make your sleep a priority.

8. Avoid sugar – White sugar releases high levels of glucose into your body. So, stop eating sugar. Many packaged foods like chips, cool drinks, sweets carry sugar at high levels. So, cut down all such indirect ways of eating sugar. Replace sugar with dates or raisins.

9. Take care of your vitamin D levels – healthy levels of vitamin D are important for healthy blood sugar levels. When vitamin D sufficient, it improves the body’s response to insulin. So, get abundant Sunlight, especially early morning Sunlight, and take vitamin D supplements if needed.

10. Avoid junk foods – Junk foods are filled with harmful preservatives, sugar, and poor quality of oils are used to prepare them. They burden the pancreas and, sometimes, can destroy the insulin-producing capacity of the pancreas. So, strictly avoid all kinds of junk foods. 

These are some tips to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you are diagnosed with borderline type 2 diabetes, following the above tips also prevents you from entering into the stage of diabetes. Research shows that 70% of people who are in borderline diabetes eventually get diabetes. You can change this by following the above tips.

Diabetes gradually destroys the entire body and causes several health complications. And the sad part is modern medicine can only help you to manage it but cannot cure diabetes. So, take good care of your health right when you are healthy. Life is precious, and it is not worth to spend your time and energy in battling various diseases. Good health is a great wealth, and it needs attention, effort to maintain it. So, invest in your health and live a happy life.

Wish you and your family good health!

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