10 tips to drink more water

Drink water

We all know that we should drink a lot of water in a day. But knowing and doing are different. Inspire of knowing the importance of water for good health, many of us don’t drink sufficient amount of water. Some of us don’t like the taste of water, or we are lazy to go and drink the water, or we neglect it altogether. There could be many reasons why we don’t drink a sufficient amount of water in a day. But water is essential for the smooth functioning of the body and good health. Whether we like it or not, we need to drink the required amount of water in a day.

So, how to do it? Here are 10 tips that help you drink more water in a day.

1. Set a daily goal: Have a goal for yourself as to how much water you want to drink in a day. When we set a goal, the mind becomes more focused on the goal, and it becomes easier to achieve it. While setting your daily goal for water consumption, consider the below factors.

Your activity levels

Your weight

Your height

Your gender

Based on these factors, calculate the amount of water you need to drink per day and set it as your goal. Place this goal in a place where you can easily see. Maybe you can write it on a board or stick it to the wall. When you have the goal in front of your eyes, your motivation goes up further.

2. Keep reminders: Many times, we forget to drink water. So, keep a reminder that reminds you about drinking water. When you are constantly reminded, you feel motivated todrink the water, and forgetting to drink water cannot happen. So, have hourly reminders.

3. Start your day with a glass of water: Have one or two glasses of water immediately after you wake up. When you start your day with water, you feel thirstier as you progress through the day, and you automatically feel like drinking more water. Your body acts as a reminder when you give it one glass of water after waking up.

4. Add flavors to water: Some of us do not like to drinkwater because it does not taste great. To overcome this, add flavors to water. Infuse herbs like basil, mint, coriander, curry leaf, etc. in the water. You can also boil water with seeds such as cumin, mustard, fennel, and sip through such water. When water is infused with these herbs and seeds, it becomes healthier, and it also makes it easy to drink.

5. Keep a water bottle handy: Some of us avoid drinking water because of laziness. We don’t want to get up from the seat and get the glass of water. So, we avoid it. In order to overcome this, keep a water bottle handy. In this way, you can keep sipping water without the need to walk to get that glass of water. Also, when you keep a water bottle near you, it reminds you to drink more water. Use a glass bottle for better health, visibility, and aesthetics. Strictly avoid plastic bottles to store water as water has the tendency to absorb chemicals present in plastic, and these chemicals are toxic.

Water bottle

6. Use a tracker: There are many tracker apps on mobile which help you track your water consumption. These apps remind you to drink water periodically and also keep track of the amount of water you have consumed in a day. Some of them also come with emoticons which keep changing based on the amount of water you drink. These apps greatly motivate you to drink a sufficient amount of water. Try out such free apps available on your mobile.

Sometimes, we think we are drinking the required amount of water, but the truth could be far from it. A tracker will help us see the truth and, in most cases, the truth is we drink far less amount of water than we are supposed to. When you see the truth, you will be highly motivated to have water. So, use a tracker to increase your water intake.

7. Have water 30 minutes before your meal: Make it a habit todrink water 30 minutes before you have your meals. This simple hack helps you in various ways. It increases your water consumption and prevents you from overeating. Also, when we club a new habit with an existing habit, it becomes easier to follow it. 

Train your body and mind to remember to drink water 30 minutes before you have a meal. If you forgot to drink water, postpone your meal by 30 minutes. When you do this once or twice, from next time, your mind automatically reminds you to have water 30 minutes before you have your meal.

8. Exercise: When you exercise your body, you feel thirstier. So, exercise every day to drink more water. Drink a sufficient amount of water before and after exercise.

9. Replace other drinks: Some of us drink beverages like tea, coffee, cool drinks etc. These are not healthy and dehydrate the body. Gradually try to replace these drinks with water. Water is healthier than these beverages and is highly beneficial for health.

10. Reward yourself: When you meet your goal of drinking water, reward yourself. Decide upfront how you are going to celebrate when you accomplish your goal. This will motivate you further. Rewarding and celebrating your accomplishments is very important to walk the journey.

These are some tips that help you drink more water in a day.

Water is essential for the optimal functioning of the body and mind. Many organs are dependent on water for their survival. So, drink lots of water in a day. Don’t let any reason stop you from drinking more water. Insufficient intake of water is a major factor behind many illnesses and pains. All these health issues can be avoided just by drinking water. So, keep drinking this miracle called water throughout the day.

Wish you good health!

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