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Today’s world has many options for a single product. There are many companies, many brands for the same product. It is the age of too many choices. We come across various labels like natural, organic, healthy, fortified, herbal,100% fat-free, fiber-rich, etc. on these products. Sometimes, an uninformed consumer does not know which option to choose because all the options look healthy. All the advertisements for these products and labels promise health. So, what’s the truth? Which option is actually healthy and trustworthy? 

When a product has the label “organic” on it, it means that it is certified by government organizations. The label “organic” is given to a product only when it follows certain guidelines prescribed by the government. It is not easy to get this label, as organic farming is quite challenging.

For a product to be certified as organic, below substances should not be used in farming, handling, storage, and processing.

1. Synthetic or chemical pesticides and fertilizers – These fertilizers damage the health of the soil, farmers, and people who consume the product. They damage the rivers, lakes, and the entire ecosystem of the place where they are used. 

2. Irradiation – This process destroys the quality of the food. A significant percentage of essential vitamins and nutrients in food are lost.

3. Sewage sludge – This highly toxic substance is used as fertilizer in conventionally produced foods. Due to its poisonous nature, it is banned from organic products.

4. Genetically engineered organisms or Genetically modified organisms(GMOs)

5. Synthetic growth hormones

6. Cloning

7. Petroleum-based fertilizers

8. Artificial flavors

9. Added colors

10. Preservatives 

All the above substances are extensively used in conventionally grown products. These substances impact health negatively and, in the long run, may lead to various life-threatening diseases. When a product is free from all these harmful substances, only then is it called and labeled as “organic.” So, when you see a product with the label “organic,” you can be safely assumed that it is free from all these toxic chemicals.

This is not the case with other labels like healthy, natural, fiber-rich, etc. Any product can use these labels. Even though a product is full of chemicals, it can still claim to be natural or healthy, and it does not need any certification process to use these labels. So, if you are particular about using chemical-free and healthy products, search for the label “organic” on the products.

All of us want to lead a healthy life free from chemicals and pesticides. We want to eat healthy food and feed our family members healthy food. Now that we understood how healthy organic products are, our preference should naturally be organic. But when we search for organic products online or in a supermarket and compare them with conventionally grown products, the first thing we notice is the higher price of organic products. Organic products are associated with high cost.

Yes, organic products are priced higher compared to their conventional counterparts because organic farming is difficult and time-consuming. These higher prices demotivate some of us from buying organic products. Let’s see if it’s worth spending that extra money to go organic.

Below are the  10 benefits of using organic products in daily life.

1. Organic products are free from a large variety of chemicals and toxic substances. 

2. They are many times healthier compared to other options.

3. In organic farming, the health of the soil, farmer, consumer, and the entire ecosystem is supported as only natural fertilizers are used.

4. Organic foods provide more nutrients than their conventional counterparts. 

5. Organic foods taste better than conventionally grown foods

Organic food

6. Organic farming is farming in harmony with nature without disturbing the ecological balance.

7. Organic products are free from GMOs.

8. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other toxic substances are used in farming, handling, storage, and processing of organic products. Whereas, when it comes to conventional farming, many chemicals used in Indian farming are banned globally. They are applied to crops at levels high over safe or legal limits. This excessive usage of banned chemicals in farming eventually causes diseases in the long run – both to farmers and consumers of the products.

9. Consumption of organic products helps in building better immunity and stronger bodies.

10. With organic products, there is minimum air, soil, water pollution.

These are the benefits of using organic products. When we use organic products, we will be in harmony with mother nature and our own health. It’s a win-win for everyone. We indirectly support the environment around us.

So, how to make a gradual switch to organic products? Below are some pointers that can give you some ideas.

1. Increase your monthly budget for food. Health is wealth, and food is one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy body. So, it’s ok to spend more on this important aspect rather than spending lakhs of rupees in the future on health issues and losing peace of mind.

2. Start your organic journey with staple foods like rice, wheat flour, pulses because they constitute a major portion of the food consumed by a family. This makes a huge difference.

3. Try organic vegetables and fruits at least twice a week.

4. Try replacing hormones-loaded dairy products like milk and curd with organic alternatives. 

5. Spend some time and check labels carefully before buying a product. Don’t fall for tall claims made on the products. Read the ingredient list.

6. You can try growing organic vegetables, fruits, and leafy vegetables if you have your own garden. In recent times, there are many smart practices to grow leafy vegetables organically in small spaces too. Check out these innovative ideas.

These are some pointers that can help you make a switch to an organic lifestyle.

Chandogya Upanishad says – अन्नमयं हि सोम्य मनः. The meaning of this phrase is “mind is nourished by food.” The kind of food we eat everyday determines the kind of thoughts and emotions we carry. Hence food is an important part of our life. Make better choices for such an essential aspect of your life. 

Choose organic! Choose health!

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