Why is social media important today!

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Can we all remember a time when there was no social media?

No, right? 

Well, it would be difficult to point to a time in the past when exactly social media entered our lives. Hence, it is important to understand the significant role it has in our lives today. 

The medium of social media has gone beyond the identity of a platform of expression. Today, people are making a life out of these platforms. It has become a platform of communication, expression and business. It provides a wide range of scope for even small businesses to grow online and create a customer base that can benefit them through and through. 

Furthermore it is also a platform for several renowned people in different industries like cinema, business and many more to connect with their fan following and audiences and share glimpses of the work they do or their personal life. 

Hence, in today’s world it is impossible to underestimate the power of social media. We cannot ignore the robust power this medium has. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world was shook due to the ill effects of this pandemic, however it is essential that we also recognise the role social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linked In, Twitter and other known pages had during the pandemic. Not only did they help in understanding the symptoms and effects of CoronaVirus, but they also helped people get important information on Oxygen Beds, ICU, hospital availability and many more. 

Social media has grown in ways that it is impossible to imagine the creative outputs every new input can provide. 

However, just like every good thing has a negative side to it. Social media also comes with a set of sebacks, that bring in a lot of change in one’s lifestyle. 

Social media is often accused of misrepresenting lives, as it is not the medium, not the people on it. However, the media propagates it, so we have to blame it with its fair share. People share lifestyles in ways that aren’t realistic and often impact people with concerns like body image issues and several other insecurities that make a person feel bad, just by scrolling through and also while it has given a voice for an individual to express oneself, it has invariably also made itself available for content that might not impress everyone, instead can have serious negative effects on many. 

Hence, what is the right way to deal with social media? Should we keep over using it or should we be totally way from it? What’s the way out? 

Well, here are few key determining points

  • Balance has always been the key

Let’s get back to basics that any thing that is over consumed is going to have its negative impact, no matter how sweet or appealing it is to us. Social media also needs to be handled with balance. You need not lie down until the phone battery is completely drained out and then finally go to bed. You also need not stay away from social media or ban it away from your life. Keep a balance, see the good you get in terms of knowledge and entertainment and ignore the bad you inculcate in the lines of addiction and obsession. If you watch it just as much as required, it will truly be a boon. 

  • Keep some ground rules 

For example, you need to understand that on a day when you have serious tasks, you spend the least time on social media and on a day you have a lot of free time you can use it leisurely. But, be careful about how you do this, at the same time be careful about maintaining balance and further, do not depend on social media, instead use is as an instrument to give you some distraction or break. 

  • Be careful about what you follow

Social media has given a platform for many and so not everybody shares content that you like. The moment you find that something someone has shared is not in good taste, immediately unfollow. This will do you good, else it is going to make you feel disturbed subconsciously. 

Those were the three key rules of handling social media. Recognize the power of the medium, do not misuse it and do not take it for granted. Use it judiciously and see how it is benefitting you. Change is constant, today social media is the norm of the day, tomorrow something else can take over this and we do not know at what point so do not invest in something so much that you find it difficult to change and at the same time, recognise the enormous benefits a new invention can have and the multiple possibilities that the internet can enable. 

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