What does ‘follow your heart’ mean?

Follow Your Heart

When someone mentions the phrase “Follow your heart,” some of us think that it means leaving everything and pursuing our passion, whether we earn money or not, whether our family is fine with our decision or not. This is nice thinking but not a complete understanding of the concept. Following one’s heart is a deeper work. It’s not a dreamy or impulsive thing done without thinking about the consequences and well-being of oneself and family. It’s not an impractical thing done out of one’s fancy. It requires commitment, proper planning, and serious work.

Did you ever think about why you want to follow your heart in the first place? The simplest answer to this question is happiness. Greek Philosopher Aristotle said these profound words about happiness – “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” For thousands of years, we all want the exact same thing – happiness. Why do we get married? The answer is happiness. Why do we work hard for that promotion? The answer is we think it makes us happy once we achieve it. If you see someone doing something, the main motive is happiness or the anticipation of happiness.

We all want to be happy, but the sad truth is most of us are not. Somewhere down the line, we forget that our reason for doing things is happiness, and we just get caught up in busy life and our to-do lists. We are all busy doing so many things in a day, and we get overwhelmed and exhausted by taking care of the various responsibilities of life. All this leaves little time and space to even ponder on the question – Am I really happy in my life?

Most of us don’t remember our dreams, and even if we remember, we give up thinking – it’s impractical. These were the same dreams which inspired us at some point in the past, and now, these dreams are buried inside our hearts. Most of us don’t have time and energy to work on them, and we don’t even question. We accept our unfulfilled dreams and desires, and we console ourselves saying – “that’s the way life is. I have grown up now, and I need to be practical”. We don’t allow ourselves to feel sad and just push our feelings deep inside to make it through the day.

Why do we do this to our dreams and happiness? Because of our incomplete understanding of “follow your heart” concept.What is the complete understanding of “follow your heart” concept?

It means pursuing what’s close to our heart on the foundation of good health, happy relationships, financial success, and spirituality. Unless we have all the areas of our life well balanced, we cannot really embark on “follow your heart” journey. For example, say a person dreams of becoming a writer but does not have bank balance enough to meet his day-to-day expenses, can this person pursue his passion happily? No. He will be torn between his passion for writing and other career options, which are more financially rewarding than writing. Ultimately, he chooses a career that pays him well rather than writing career because he needs to take care of his EMI’s and family. Even if he pursues writing against all the odds and if he does not find financial success as he needs, it’s a great pain to him and his family, and he stops enjoying writing.


The road to following one’s heart is beautiful and meaningful only when all the foundations of life are well built. Doing well in a couple of areas of life and neglecting and sacrificing other areas of life doesn’t lead us to lasting happiness and fulfillment. Having good relationships with poor health or good health with no financial savings or a great amount of money with no good health or great career with no financial success – This is not following your heart.

The person who follows heart is someone living at a high level in every area of their life – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually with a great family life, financial abundance, and fulfilling career. This person has achieved balance and found success and happiness in every area of life and strives for constant improvement even after achieving everything because human potential is infinite.

How many people do you know who have everything and still work passionately to become better and better every single day? Not very many right. That’s the person we all want to be because we all have infinite potential within us, and nothing can stop us from becoming better and better with each passing day. Whether we believe it or not, this is the truth of human existence.

So, following your heart is not a fancy thing where you quit your software career and become a guitarist just because you love playing the guitar. Yes, it’s awesome to make a career out of playing guitar, but it’s awesome only when you have financial success, good health, happy relationships supporting you in your career switch. You need all areas of life to be well balanced before you take that leap.

The first step on this lifetime journey of excellence and balance called “follow your heart” is responsibility. We can have everything in life if we are willing to take responsibility and work for it. We can fulfill all our desires, lead an extraordinary life, have great health and fitness, pursue and fulfill our dreams, have a great family life, be prosperous and abundant provided we are willing to take responsibility. So, to have an extraordinary life, one needs to take responsibility for one’s life.

It’s not going to come from a book or an audio program or a seminar. All these will help you, but it’s you who needs to stand up and take responsibility for your life. It’s not the job of your parents or spouse or boss or even God to give you what you want in life. They are there to support you unconditionally in your journey, but you need to walk and achieve goals. It’s your job to fulfill all your desires and make it happen.

There is no one right answer, no one diet for everyone, no one strategy that works for all because we are all different. Each of us is unique, and we need to develop our own strategy for life, which helps us achieve everything. Your happiness matters, and you have everything in you to find lasting happiness. You can create an extraordinary life.

This entire platform MannGhatt came into existence to support you with the right tools, strategies, resources, and motivation so that you follow your heart, and you fulfill all your dreams.

Let’s start our journey.

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