What do we need to know this labour day?


The labor class is a very populated class in India, most of our houses need their help and contribution. Not only our house but it is them who take adequate care of our roads and other public areas. They are truly a very hardworking set of people without whom society cannot run efficiently.

The History

Historically we have seen the labor class going through extremely difficult times, they have had to face the brutality of people who were misguided by false concepts and started to disregard and create rules based on their false understanding. This has led to their extreme backwardness and regressive societal norms that don’t give the labor class the respect they truly deserve.

Why are they important

As privileged people, many might complain about them not doing their work properly, we are angry if the stain on the cloth is not gone after a wash or if the corner of your living room has dust. The people who help us are an integral part of our ecosystem. Taking them for granted thinking that it is your right to do so in an attitude we all mustn’t have. Instead, we have to be thankful that we have people who take care of such basic but extremely important things in our life 

At every stage of your life, you or your family has certainly taken this help. Be it the Nanny when you were a kid or the Aaya in school, the Pune in your father’s office, or the driver that drops you at school, you have surely been surrounded by these people who have played a vital role in your life.

In our busy lives, we forget to give them that one moment of appreciation that could bring tears to their eyes. 

As labor day is approaching, let’s bring in a few changes in our behavior and approach that could bring a fair balance in your relationship with your helpers.

  1. Greet them every day: Just like your greet your boss at work or your friend at the gym. Greet them, wish them good morning or ask them how they’re doing. They should feel important. Teach the same to your children as well.
  2. Do your bit: You have indeed hired a person to help with all your household chores, but, the person who is helping you is as human as you are. He/she is doing this out of compulsion, not out of choice, still, they smile through their work. Do your small bits to make the task a little easy for your help to do. Wash those spoons or keep the dry cloth ready for cleaning or empty the remnants from your vessels or cut a few vegetables before your help comes to cook. This might take very little effort from your end, but for them, it is of great help and they find it humbling to see their boss do these tasks. So, do your bit. 
  3. They are never the reason for your stress: People often show their anger on these people, if your mood is bad you might suddenly find something wrong and might end up hurting people. Your helpers are the sufferers since they cannot revert or respond to you as it might cost them their job. Therefore, try to point out mistakes politely and not be unreasonable are harsh with them, such behavior will ensure that nothing wrong will happen and nobody is hurt in any given situation.
  4. Remuneration: Unfortunately there is no minimum fixed salary for them, therefore it is left to us as to how much we pay them. However, we have to be considerate and liberal with their payment, this doesn’t mean that we have to pay them a heavy sum, but we have to pay them the money they deserve for working day in and day out. Moreover, we must realize that they run on tight finances, we have to ensure that every month, we give them their money as soon as possible and also ensure that you give them a pay raise annually or quarterly. The cost of living increases for all and therefore they must be paid enough. 

Labour, for very long, has been one of the most illtreated classes in many cultures and civilizations. We have to understand that it is time to change, it is time to progress, it is time to break all these barbaric notions and bring equality, balance, and steadiness in this world. This labor day, let us appreciate them, let us thank them, and let us be grateful to them for all that they have done and for all that they are doing for us. Every help matters and it should be valued for and shouldn’t ever be taken for granted, for what they do is as integral and important as what we do.

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