Understanding and being sensitive!


We all live in a humanistic ecosystem. Our geographical environment runs on a cycle that ensures that your surroundings are well operated. However, there is an emotional environment each of us have around us. People are often perplexed about this environment, where they find the deepest insecurities and the highest cliff of happiness. What runs this environment is the individual’s ability to understand each other from the perspective of the other person. 

We have different kinds of people, some with problems that are more difficult than what others face. Some with physical disabilities, some with mental illnesses, some facing challenges because of old age, some facing problems because of domestic issues. There are many more kinds and types of people with problems unimaginable. The first step towards understanding people is to accept the fact that there are problems beyond our comprehension and we have to make efforts to understand these sensitivities. 

Understanding is not a trait limited to your private relationships, it has to be extended to professional relations and humanity at large. 

Let’s do our bit, to make our world a better place to live and spread happiness everywhere. 

How do we understand others? How do we know what a certain person is going through at a given time? 

Be Observant

Yes, not all of us are face readers. But, it doesn’t take one to understand a person, you need the eyes of empathy and wisdom. You have to be observant and decisive. If you see your mother behaving differently on a certain day, you need to understand that this could be because of something running in her head. All you need to do is be observant and understand, give her the space to recover, create a situation where she feels free to share and reduce the burden. So, being observant is you key to understanding others. 


Empathy is that feeling of care and concern which really gives comfort to the person who is going through some troubled emotion. Empathy makes us mature, wise and strong. Understanding others is a trick, so be careful and make your mental decisions with grace and grit. When we think of how a situation would have been if we were to face, that is when we are being truly empowered. 

Not logical, not emotional.

When we are being sensitive towards others or giving them advice we cannot bring an excessive scientific temper, nor can we be exceedingly emotional. Our approach in understanding others should be pragmatic. Practicality is the most important aspect here. We also have to be careful about what advice we are giving to whom and in what context. An unwanted advice could lead people to do something drastic. Be careful and cautious, understand and speak right. 


Sometimes silence helps a lot, on many occasions.  People do not necessarily seek some input from you, there are many who just want to be heard. For them, that gives an enormous amount of relief. This takes a lot of patience and wisdom. However, if you really care for someone you will automatically tend to be patient


We all are humans, we do go wrong, we might fall short of patience at times and so on. So, what do we do? 

If you cannot help, you need not, but, you shouldn’t speak harshly to someone who has come hoping for some help from your end. 

You have a choice to decide whether or not you want to speak to someone but you do not have the right to add to someone’s misery. Therefore, if you help, great. If you can’t, alright. If you hurt, it’s not done. Many do this in the spur of anger and then regret it later. We have to at least keep ourselves calm enough to not bother someone who is already in trouble. 

Understanding, sympathy, empathy, sensitivity, care, concern, love and oneness, these are feelings that every human being, irrespective of any racial or geographical differences, longs for. It would be unrealistic to not identify these feelings. We all are here doing our own things, enjoying our fruits, facing our challenges, laughing over triumphs, shedding tears on people’s shoulders and so on. What really binds is the fact that we have it in us to be there for others, even though we do have our own battles to face. Together, we shall make this place better, brighter and beautiful. 

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