Thinking, how to do it right


Thinking is a constant activity in the brain. You have to think to get out of any situation, to find a solution for a problem or to just conduct your daily activities, isn’t it?

But, we are always in a fix, always confused, perplexed and we find ourselves at a junction where everything meets and submerges and takes the shape of this giant problem that is very hard to solve. 

When we look back we always feel like we could have responded better to a situation in the past, we could have thought with a calmer mind and probably would have evaded a difficult situation. Well, you’re right in thinking so. Where we go wrong is not in thinking about what we could not do but in repeating the same thing, despite realizing the fact that what we did previously was incorrect or not the aptest thing to do in a given situation. 

Let’s look at thinking from a different angle and perspective. 

  1. Think first, act later: As fast and impulsive as we are, we often tend to decide first, act first, and think later. While we should think first and act later. We are always driven by the emotions that make us act first and cloud our ability to think. Well, thinking is most useful when done rightfully and your actions are most fruitful when thought rightfully. Come what may always remember be calm, be patient, there isn’t a situation in life that will facilitate calmness easily, you will have to create it, learn it and adapt to it.
  2. Sort everything else out. Thinking is subjective as a consequence of all environments around you and after a certain stage, you create your ecosystem, which includes the people you meet, the activities you pursue, the friends you make, and the decisions you make. One must remember that these factors contribute to your effective thinking. Each of these decisions has a direct impact on how you think and thereby has a direct impact on how everything functions in your life. Therefore, for your thinking and your mind to be used to the best of its ability you must set all other aspects of your personal and professional life, right.
  3.  Think out of the box: Sometimes traditional or your regular way of thinking does not help you make the right decision or it won’t help you solve your problems. What do you do next, then? Leave it all and run away? No. It’s time you change the way you think, change your thinking hat, and think laterally. This helps you, it will not only help you solve your troubles but also encourage you to adapt to such methods of thinking for day-to-day activities. Lateral thinking will help you come out of problems in ways traditional thinking can’t.
  4. Take time out to think and retrospect: You will have to create an environment where you can do this freely and happily. Many times the solution for your problems is right under your nose but we often tend to not look at them because of our ignorance. When we unwind and take time out to think, we realize how simple it was to solve the issue. Therefore, take time out, meditate, retrospect, introspect and you are sure to find out the solutions for your problems. 
  5. It’s all in the head: We think that the “world thinks like that” or that “everyone says so” in reality we are a very tiny part of this planet and whatever we think is happening is happening in our minds. Therefore, if you can change the way you think, you change the world you live in, you change the way of life. You keep thinking that you’re happy, happiness will spring in every corner of your world, you keep thinking that your life is miserable, worries will crop up everywhere. Therefore, think well, be honest and optimistic, you will realize that actually, we are as capable as anybody to reach the highest milestone of our respective lives. If at all we defer it is in the way we think. 

Your heart beats, your lungs breathe, your legs help you walk and your mind thinks. Thinking is not a choice, it is a natural activity, but you have a choice to choose what you want to think. If you think destruction, you’ll feel the same, if you think about bliss, you’ll feel the same, and so on. Therefore, be wise and think well. 

Not just that, create an environment around you that lets you think rightfully and will keep you balanced and in good spirits. You will find situations that will force you to fall for anger and impatience but make a choice, what action to what benefit, are you getting any benefit for impatience and anger, definitely not, therefore focus on the good and you’ll be able to think wise and right.

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