pos and cons of goals

Ever since we are a child we are told to have goals and have an aim in our life. This goal is what strives us to get ahead, push ourselves and work harder. One could also say that these goals decide our fate. However, as good as goals are, they should not turn out to be too unrealistic and overwhelming for us. 

We are going to decode the pros and cons of goals for all of you!


Goals give you a direction

Goals are like the torchlight that lights your path on your dark night. They give you direction and keep you focussed. We might want to achieve many things in our lives, and there is a possibility that we could get distracted or drift away from our path. If the goal is well etched in your mind, soon you will get back to where you have to be. Hence, to get ahead, you need a well-planned and well-determined direction. A goal will facilitate that direction for you.

Goals keep you optimistic 

There are times when you feel like nothing works out and everything seems to fall all at once. In these situations, it is the vision of the ultimate goal that gives you the support and motivation to get ahead. We understand that ups and downs are inevitable and that we should be concerned only about achieving our ultimate goal or aim in our life. Goals do instill in us a sense of optimism and wisdom that helps us sail especially in challenging situations.

Goals give you gratification and satisfaction 

When you finally achieve something. It could be anything, may earning extra money or saving up for a dream home, or getting the promotion you have dreamt of. You feel blissful, isn’t it? All the struggles that you had to go through have ultimately been paid off, isn’t it? This gives us the feeling of satisfaction and gratification, we finally feel like we have achieved what we wanted. The goal completes the circle for us, from aiming to visualizing to taking suitable action and then finally achieving it. 


Unrealistic goals can make you feel low

More often than not, we are quickly motivated and we pen down unrealistic goals. What we have to know here is that we all coexist in different situations, each of us has our own challenges. While it is good that we take inspiration from others, we have to learn to make these goals suitable for ourselves. Making unrealistic goals often does more damage than benefit.

The natural rhythm of life is mechanized

Life has a natural flow to it, new situations, new people, highs, and lows are all a part of it. Sometimes planning every bit of it might not make adequate sense. Goals are great, but if every bit of your life is associated with a goal, then how will we enjoy life with ease, how will we receive the surprises life has for us. This only goes to say that every bit of your living cannot be put into the planner and that we have to let go of ourselves a little to cherish the beauty of life. 

Too many goals, can get overwhelming 

One thing at a time, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  We cannot complete 10 tasks together, the only way to complete them is to do them one after the other, day by day. Goals are also like that, we cannot aim to transform everything and pursue every goal at one point in time. We have to understand our strengths and weaknesses and how much we can do at a certain point in time. Taking up too many things can get really overwhelming and having too many goals will potentially cause more stress and gratification. 


People often ask children what their goal is, so that children get thinking about what they like and what they want to be when they grow up. It is nice if the child understands it for what it is, but what if it pressurizes the child, every child grows differently and the same applies to adults as well. We have our own set of challenges and situations to face. Our goals and aims should be designed based on our lifestyle. Having a goal can be a boon if you are doing it the right way and it will be a bane because a right goal can show you wonders and a wrong goal can cause subsequent damage. Choose wisely, think smartly, and act accordingly. 

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