The magic word PATIENCE!

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Haven’t we heard our elders say, be patient, it will all be fine? Or be patient, your desires will be fulfilled. Being patient is a trait we all miss. Patience is like the pendant in a necklace, it is like that star attraction in a gathering. It is the most valuable of all the virtues and hence we must develop the habit and practice being patient. 

Well, many of us might think that it’s not so easy and so we might choose to give up on being patient. But, is it right to do so? No, it isn’t. Patience is the key to success, it can stop you from committing blunders and can keep you happy, both mentally and physically

Below are a few key areas you can work on and achieve your goal of being more patient. 

  1. Be strong: Patience is the virtue of strong people, people who have a strong mind, it is not for ill-tempered people. So, learn to be strong, do not let petty things bother you or disturb your patience. Learn to wait. The ones who wait make way to their win. So, wait, be strong, do not break and keep going.

Never ever think that all that you do is waste or that it does not yield any result. Remember the saying good things take time and if you still think that it has been way too long since you have been waiting for things to happen, then remember that great things are on your way. Not able to believe?

Okay, let’s look into this a little more, probably with an example, all the brilliantly successful people, around the country and even around the world, did we always know them from the start? No, we didn’t, they were doing their work for probably a couple of decades but we know them only when they hit the highest rank in the ladder of success. Business tycoons, actors, directors, nobel prize winners, economists, famous dancers and musicians have worked on themselves patiently for years to achieve the milestone they have achieved.

What if they gave up mid way through? Would we have known about them today? No, right? So keep going, be strong and agile and wait for your efforts to bear fruit. 

  1. It is happening for them, why not me?: This is a question probably everybody has, we keep thinking that our neighbors earn more than we do or that, why can’t we? Or that our college friends have reached higher places at work, why are we stuck here? Yes, a part of it is understandable, the fact that you are giving a thought about something could prove insightful for your own analysis. 

But, this should not be the basis of leading your life. You have to be patient to understand that even though the clock ticks the same across the world, people are still in different times. Therefore, you have to learn to be patient until your time arrives? Because surely it will. The only fear here is that when the time arrives, you should be ready to accept the good it has to give you. If you have taken the wrong decisions before time and are not prepared for the good, then the whole situation will become helpless for you. Hence, wait with patience, perseverance and practicality. You are sure to cross the bridge of illusion and delusion. 

  1. Always remember the journey is way better than the destination: Not just better, but more riveting, rip-roaring and beautiful as compared to the destination. So, why not give our best here? 

We have to do our taxes without impatience and should enjoy our present and make our future secure. Therefore, our worry shouldn’t be about what will happen tomorrow or the day after, it should be about how are you going to make today productive, meaningful and exciting. If you haven’t made your today meaningful then what reference will you have to make your tomorrow successful. The more you delay, the more difficult it is to restart. Our life is like a rhythm, one beat you miss, it disturbs the entire flow. Not to say that we can’t fix it. We certainly can, but we have lost the time due to our attitude and most importantly because of our impatience. Hence, make your today fantastic and you tomorrow is surely going to be blissful. 

Patience is not an emotion, it is a virtue which should be with you always. You have to make patience a part of your life and existence. This is going to happen only with time and practice. Hence, let’s look towards a world, free of anger, full of understanding and the human race embracing abundance of patience.

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