The Fun Quotient Of Life

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Our lives have become so mechanical and busy that we often might miss out on the fun. Fun doesn’t necessarily mean going to a party or meeting friends. It also means to enjoy the work you do everyday. To relish the moments of fun and happiness with your family. One might wonder how they can have fun in their busy schedule. When all the time goes to working at home and working at the office, it could get hard for one to feel the ease and fun in their lives. But, we cannot submit ourselves to the dangerous clutches of stress and let it eat away the fun aspects of your life. We have to create moments that make you laugh, we have to find the right company that makes us feel lighter. 

Fun quotient literally means the amount of time you take out to engage yourself in activities that are fun. 

Here’s an abstract list of points that you can count on for a happy and fun filled life within your existing routine.

  1. You have to make it a point 

Yes, there are moments that are naturally fun and soothing. But they don’t come everyday right? So, why not create moments that will ease your stress and instill the fun you need. This doesn’t have to be some big task to pursue. You can create this state of mind with the smallest of actions. It could be talking to a friend about a funny incident that happened a few days back or switching on the tv and watching a comedy series, talking to your child and asking about what happened in school, they’ll surely have some seriously funny stories to tell. If you want it you’ll surely get it. All you have to do is make that tiny effort of taking that step to lighten up your mood. It is as simple as this. Therefore, make it a point to take your step. 

  1. Serious situations, take it easy!

There are some serious situations that arise in day to day work activities or at home. So, will you just give in and give up your peace of mind or strengthen yourself to face it with laughter? Just remember there is never going to be a phase in your life where these situations do not arise and so it isn’t wise to keep getting emotionally tangled and drained with every situation you face. Take advantage of these situations, laugh it out, shorten its intensity, lighten yourself up, it is not a big deal at all. For example for some reason a task you were given at work got delayed, your boss is mad at you for the same. So, you should learn to not take it to heart and divert it straight to your head which is going to do the work. Immediately take a walk with your colleague, have a light hearted conversation, loosen yourself up, laugh a bit and you’re back to action. You’ll see yourself doing the task faster and smoother. This doesn’t mean that you laugh in all serious situations, this pertains to situations that occur on a day to day basis and causes stress. 

  1. Spicing up your daily tasks.

Let’s assume that in a typical day you spend time cooking in the morning for the day, exercising, getting ready for work, performing all your tasks at work and get back in evening again to attend to household chores and then finally retire to bed. In all of these tasks that you do, how much time are you actually spending easing yourself and bringing back balance and calm?
Here’s a way to make your daily tasks fun, as soon as you wake up, manifest your happy thoughts and the different changes that you’d like to bring in your life. While cooking, share the task with your spouse and have a light hearted conversation, do not work under the pressure of time, while commuting to work listen to your favorite songs and be upbeat when you reach your office. While you are at work, take small breaks, talk to your spouse, see some short videos, crack in laughter with your colleagues and balance the stress out. When you reach home, meditate for 20 mins and rejuvenate yourself for the household chores. This way the little things you do will ease the seriousness of your tasks.

  1. What is the impact?

Today, we live in an environment that is demanding and fast. If we do not make it a point to lighten ourselves every now and then, it will lead us to serious medical and physical consequences in the future. Therefore, to balance out the pressure and stress we are in, fun and laughter has a major role to play. Looking upto habits in times of stress is never an ideal situation. Hence, by regulating our life a little and cherishing these little things you are not only saving yourself from future misery but are elevating the quality of your life and in turn your relationships and your professional ambition. 

Embrace these lighter fun moments and keep that fun quotient in your life always high and happening. This is sure to make a lasting difference in the longer run. Okay, so what’s the time now?

Ofcourse, it’s time for some fun!

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