Stepping outside your comfort zone


“Life always begins with one step outside your comfort zone” 

We all want to live a very comfortable life, the best way to achieve this is to take uncomfortable and challenging decisions at this moment. If we feel like everything is alright and that there is nothing left to accomplish that means that we are overlooking something essential. 

An extra risk involved or a decision out of the box is often a destined path to success. The issue with sticking to your comfort zone is the long term consequence that comes with it.  We feel a sense of gratification and excitement only when we achieve more than we expected. If you stick to what you already know, you could be struck down with boredom. 

Here are 5 tips to walk beyond your comfort zone

  • Identify your comfort zone and unexplored zone 

Your comfort zone could be writing, but what if you had a hidden talent of photography or cinematography? You will know this only when you make an attempt to explore the unexplored area. You have to give up on your comfort and take up activities that might not seem too convenient. It gives you enormous scope to succeed in a different zone altogether. There are many people who pursue multiple occupations throughout their careers. It is their ability and hunger to succeed and the willingness to put themselves through uncomfortable situations that make them reach their destination and fulfil their goals.

Today, many IIM and IIT graduates leave their high paying jobs and start successful tea and coffee businesses. They ultimately shine in what they do. Minister Smriti Irani was a model turned actor turned politician, highly demanding yet different careers. She ultimately succeeded only because of making the choice of moving outside the comfort zone.  You too have the ability to achieve this, go ahead and put yourself through the grind. 

  • Why should I go beyond my comfort zone?

One might wonder, if I have a well-paying job, a happy family, a good amount of savings, a beautiful home, then what is the need to go beyond my comfort zone, pursue newer goals and disturb my predominantly happy life. 

  1. Change: Change is the only constant. Moving out of your comfort zone gives you a sense of change that is physical, mental and emotional. Which is liberating and exciting. 
  2. Learning: You feel younger when you are learning something new. For some, starting a dance course could be moving outside their comfort zone and it will bring joy and satisfaction for them. 
  3. Facing Fears: Moving out of your comfort zone also means facing fears and getting over them. Once you are over your fears, your life changes. All it takes is to move out of your comfort zone with the help of a guide or mentor. 
  • Overcoming hurdles of the comfort zone 

The major issue here is not our lack of awareness about our comfort zone and unexplored zone. It is about finding it difficult to leave our comfort zone. One can overcome this difficulty only when they decide to change the way they think. We need a mindset change and an attitude change for us to move out of our restrictions. We tend to overthink and give up on goals that actually fulfil our needs only because it is outside our comfort zone and because we are afraid of the unknown. 

Here’s the hack, we can possibly never know what is going to happen unless we try it. It is our fear that keeps us glued to our comfort zone. We should make an attempt to cast aside our fears. Once we overcome that, we will be free to explore new goals. Take one step out and see, you will know how it feels.

  • Be around people who understand 

Walking beyond the regular needs help and support. For this, you have to get over your ego and shyness, open up and take help from people who care and understand you. Their support is valuable and can make things easy for you. If we are persistent and deny help, we might fall off track. Take the help of family and friends, people that you trust and go ahead. This will make things easy for you. 

  • Do not stop 

Once you are used to pursuing your dreams beyond your comfort zone, you are beyond challenges. No challenge can potentially stop you from getting where you are destined to be. With every pragmatic decision, you will find yourself to be more confident and more welcoming of risks that help you climb the ladder of success.

Our goals and aims in life are things that we are attracted to. There are times when you love the end result of something, but find the process very unwelcoming and uncomfortable. So much so that you tend to give up on your dreams. We must think that challenges are present only for us to become better at what we do and hone our skills. 

The best way to up your game is to put yourself out there and have strong faith in your decisions. Sooner and later you will find yourself being comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

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