Social Service: Right or Right?

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Social service is service to the society and in large to humanity. Our world has people from various economic backgrounds, not everyone is as privileged as you and I are. People have a lot of challenges to face, some struggle to get their basic necessities fulfilled. Hence, as citizens that have enough to eat, wear and sustain, it is on our shoulders to ensure that people who are not as fortunate as we are, get the means and motivation to live. They need the help and care to live happily. 

There is a very inhumane sentiment that is often seen among people. Many privileged people feel that they are not responsible for someone else’s poverty and so they aren’t obligated towards anyone. Such thoughts are regressive and insensitive. Yes, it is right that one isn’t necessarily responsible for someone else’s poverty, but we do have the responsibility to ensure that we do our bit for another family to grow and thrive. These responsibilities are purely moral and not legal.

This doesn’t mean to say that a certain person earning a crore a year should donate at least 50 lac rupees. This judgement is wrong, what matters is that you do your bit, how much that bit is going to be is totally your discretion. We have an inbuilt moral system in our minds which is a result of our upbringing and that will surely guide us.

Kinds Of Social Service 

With globalization and networking and technological revolution there is a drastic change in the way social service is done. 

  1. CSR

Corporate social responsibility or what is famously abbreviated as CSR has made many MNC’s and high level companies pursue projects in large scale in many areas across. People have taken projects in sanitization, education for girl child, establishing higher schools, providing basic amenities and so on. If your company is an MNC or a big corporate try finding about the CSR activities they do and participate actively to garner good results. 

  1. Partnering with NGOs individually

We all earn for ourselves and we can surely donate a little bit from our earnings for the larger good. To ensure this happens rightfully approach an NGO that is certified and registered by the concerned authorities and ensure that the money you are giving or the donation you are making is going to the right person and hence clarify and check before proceeding to any major donation. 

  1. Maintain Online Portals 

Social service is not always donating or charity it can also mean providing ang voluntary service for individuals. Let’s look at examples from Covid Crisis. Many young people/youth came together and maintained online portals with information about hospitals beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines, injections and other essential necessities. They made these portals a medium of communication and got providers and seekers together which fulfilled the noble cause of saving lives during the Corona pandemic and still continuing to do so. Hence one must understand that there are multiple ways to do social service. All that is required is intention and will to do so.

  1. Daily Social Service 

Surprised? No, this doesn’t mean you have to donate thousands of rupees everyday. It means be aware of your surroundings and do your bit. It could be something as simple as helping a person cross the road or buying some food for the beggars on the road. These are small things that you can do everyday. 

  1. What is not social service?

If you do something for others but for the sole purpose of some personal benefit then that cannot be social service. If your actions are performed with the intention of show and pomp then such social service is unworthy and does not really benefit anybody in the process. Associating with NGOs just to make it look good on paper and donating only to reduce taxes is again not really social service, these are only abstract means done to benefit monetarily. 


Social service has been a part of our heritage and culture for centuries, kings and wealthy men used to donate articles and essentials for the poor in their region, to ensure they have enough for themselves. When you donate something you have to donate with a large heart, it is not necessary that you should donate a large amount. Hence, as individuals who live in a society it is on us to safeguard the rights of the people that are living around us.

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