Six Reasons why you should maintain a Diary/ Log Book

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A log book or a diary essentially has a list of the things you have to do or tasks that you perform regularly and experiences that matter to you. Many who have the habit of writing everything down know of the tremendous benefits of the same. Well, this means that writing things down can make a difference. 

Let’s look into the reasons why maintaining a log book or diary makes a difference 

  1. A point of reference 

A point of reference is so important in our lives and maintaining written proof of your experiences and the details of them can prove extremely useful. Every experience has nuances that we might not remember and so when you read upon what you were at a certain point of time. You can see the changes in yourself and in the surroundings, you can feel good about the good changes and re-work on areas where you might find yourself to be weak.

  1. Boost our mood

We need mood boosters always and one of the best ways to boost your mood is to relive good old memories and cherish them. Writing has a good role to play here. For example, let us assume that you went on a trip to a favorite place of your choice and wrote every small experience you had there and now switch to a day where you are low. Now, when you read the part where you wrote about your trip, wouldn’t you feel great? It boosts your mood with the happiness you feel. If this is not magic then what is it?

  1. For information and important details 

There are often details that we wished we had taken a note off. It is only half way through the month and you do not know what your salary money was spent on, you always wish you made a log of what and where you spent, instead of getting a shock after seeing the bank statement. Many people even maintain a log for important functions or the budget for a trip, so that they know how much they spent and they can use this as a reference to plan in the future. Hence write down everything, it might seem trivial to you today but sooner or later you are sure to be thank yourself for putting things on paper. 

  1. In control of your life

When you are constantly writing about the occurrences of your life, your day to day activities and every little occurrence. You become more aware of what’s happening and it is easy to point out if there is a change or if there is something new that is happening. The result being that you are in control of what is happening because all that you are doing or experiencing is kept in front of you. Being in control of your life, keeps unwanted problems at bay and ensures a smooth routine and lifestyle. It also provides an opportunity for you to nip problems at the bud. For instance if you are postponing a task at work for a while, you are bothered by it but you do not do it anyway, writing it down will make you conscious and you will surely complete the task on priority.

  1. Writing is good for your mind. 

When you write it keeps your mind focussed and keeps unwanted thoughts at bay and hence you are totally involved in the task. In Fact writing a page everyday and reading for at least half an hour, coupled with walking is a secret to a long and healthy life. Hence, write as much as you can because it can only do good to you. It will also ease up the unwanted stress and tension in the mind. Writing helps you vent out things that you might not be able to share or speak about otherwise. Hence you feel lighter and your mind is free of those thoughts that bother you otherwise. 

  1. It always makes a difference. 

Writing on paper and verbally telling something are always different, when you write there is proof. You cannot trust your memory so much, but you can trust what you have written for it means something and cannot be changed whatsoever. Our education system also insists on writing because it makes you remember things better and registers information in your mind for longer. 

Writing has always been considered good. Staying organised and writing all important things is a good habit and it must be certainly followed for the larger good. 

Happy Writing!

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