Reading: A Habit That Makes A Difference


Habits make us what we are and how we behave and in the broader picture habits decide how our life is going to be. With time, situations change and with such change some good habits and practices seem to diminish. Reading is one such habit that hasn’t been looked up to for a really long time. Since the media has changed how people keep themselves entertained, the power and impact of readings has been largely underestimated. 

Today, let us look into the habit of reading and how it benefits any individual

  • Creates a world that you build yourself 

Reading has a plethora of benefits, one such benefit is that it gives you the leverage and opportunity to play with your imagination and creates a world that takes you away from reality. There are so many genres of books available in libraries and shops and any book you pick, especially novels and thriller books, can easily give you the feel of a blockbuster movie, in fact the experience is way better because it is your imagination that plays a major part and the outcome is that you feel a lot calmer. 

  • Your vocabulary improves

We live in a world where english is a language used for work at most places internationally. For us also it is essential that we have good command over the language for you to communicate your views and opinions better. Hence, you need not necessarily read big books, you can read e-articles or blogs that are short and use new words that can help you in communicating. Such command over language is essential for you to present your thoughts easily and for people to understand what you are saying or writing. 

  • Gaining Knowledge

The amount of knowledge we have to gather is abundant and reading helps you gain knowledge that is essential for you to sustain and do well at your job. You have to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings of the time for you to be updated about everything. You can read news and gather other updates from online platforms that will help you gather the knowledge to keep you informed and with the times. 

  • Hobby 

As a hobby reading helps you to rejuvenate and keep your head off regular affairs and routine. With short stories, comics, articles and other reading material you are sure to be occupied and your mind is happy and fulfilled and it gives you a peculiar satisfaction and gratification. 

  • For self-help

Self-help books are a genre by themselves. You can read so many books written by revered authors on self-help and it can in many ways teach you methods to keep yourself happy and fulfilled. These books also boost your confidence and teach you ways to enhance your life by taking up habits that can be essentially life changing. However, for serious problems self help books need not be the solution, we have to ensure that we take the right help and guidance when it comes to serious issues. 

  • For wisdom

Reading a lot gives a sense of wisdom that guides your life in a way that it changes it for the good. Making decisions will be easier, learning will be easier and understanding problems and situations will also be easier. This wisdom will keep you self-sufficient for you to make a difference in your life and in the lives of people around you.

So, if you are an ardent reader you know how reading benefits you, if you’re not somebody who reads so much, here’s what you need to know.
  1. Taking the first step and starting a new habit is important for you to bring in change.
  2. Take it step by step, read little by little and you will surely see the benefits of reading. 
  3. Start with a genre or a topic that you like the most or you relate with the most.
  4. Read daily, even if it is for five mins, consistency is the key.
  5. If you do not like what you are reading, then learn to stop it. 
  6. As far as possible read from a book, because it makes a lot of difference. However a kindle or e-book is also fine unless and until it causes you any harm. 

Start with this habit and you are sure to shine. 

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