Purpose and the role it plays!


Why is duty important, why is purpose important, why should we act based on these two?

These are all questions that often arise in our minds. Isn’t it?

We have to keep reminding ourselves of our duty, our purpose in life and then act accordingly. It could be possible that we tend to drift from this purpose and have a negative experience, realize our faults and then work towards it. 

Our problems, distractions, and misery can be evaded if we realize and solely work towards our purpose. 

What’s your purpose?

Your purpose could be a realization, a goal, a strong thought you work towards. To put it short, it could be anything you have strong faith in and you work towards it in your life continuously. 

For instance, the purpose of a saint is to help people free from their miseries, show them the right path, and live for humanity. Propagate good values in society. Similarly, the purpose of a soldier is to serve the nation, for its security, all his/her life. The purpose of a singer is to sing songs, free people from stress, and charm them with their melody. 

Well, your purpose could be something that you naturally feel like doing. It is something you feel so strongly about that your life revolves around the same. 

So, what is your purpose?

Think about it.

How do we realize our purpose and tune our duties accordingly?

We all are scared of these words, purpose, and duty probably sound like words that are going to tie you down with burden. The problem is that we misunderstand and get scared of these terms which keeps us away from realizing our purpose, and potential. 

We have to keenly observe our day-to-day activities. Look for the loopholes, see what we are good at, and then analyze as to what can be stopped and what can be corrected or what can be enhanced. 

If we keep doing this over some time your purpose will be realized, you will be true to your duties and your actions will be towards enhancing your life and the lives of people around you. 

Below are a few keys you’ve to look out for to identify the purpose in your life.

  1. Your passion for a given task.
  2. Your will and ability to do a task with ease.
  3. A strong instinct to pursue something.
  4. You are moved by something somebody does or are inspired by it completely.
  5. A thought that finds its way to your head irrespective of the situation you are in, at odd times too.
  6. A guide or a well-wisher out of their wisdom suggests that you could be good at a certain thing. You can give it and thought and it could turn out to be the purpose of your life.

If you are meant to do something, things around you automatically work towards that. What you have to have is the vision, wisdom, and attitude to accept and implement the task out gracefully. 

When you truly like doing something,you will function beyond the definitions of time, tiredness, money, and other such terms that tend to define your work. When you are in love with your purpose you look at your duties without these definitions. Hence, it is not only easy to perform your day-to-day tasks but also you are terrifically good at it which helps so many around you. 

What hinders purpose?

When we use the term purpose here, it essentially means the main goal/motto of your life and we all spend most of our time working. We work for organizations, agencies, government offices, and so on, and for many, that becomes the purpose of their life. But, if work is fulfilling the purpose of your life then why are people unhappy, dissatisfied. Why do many people feel that had they been pursuing some other career, perhaps they would have been happier and contended? 

You hinder your purpose by being ignorant, by succumbing to the situation, and by not taking bold and pragmatic decisions. Our idea of success often comes from what others have achieved in their lives. This is not completely wrong since it is serving as a source of inspiration. However, if we blindly follow somebody else’s path and not make our own, how will we find our sense of satisfaction and our sense of purpose, right? 

We have to have a mind of our own, our thoughts, opinions, and questions and we have to be true to where our instinct is guiding us not by people around us. 

Once we do this, any hindrances whatsoever will not find any way to stop you from progressing towards fulfilling your purpose. Work on what you have, on what you feel is right, put in your effort and you are sure to find that one purpose that is probably right in front of you even at this moment. 

Finally, you are truly helping others only when you pursue your purpose from the bottom of your heart. When you are satisfied and happy, you are capable of making others around you happy and content. 

Get in this journey of finding your purpose and live a meaningful, satisfied and of course a purposeful life.

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