Productivity, Planning and Positivity; The 3 P’s to success


Being productive is the very reason behind satisfaction and gratification. We feel good about ourselves when we perform tasks consistently so as to garner the right kind of results. However, not being productive can make you feel dejected and unsatisfied. You might start feeling insecure and might also feel a lack of confidence in yourself.

There are several reasons why this could happen. It could be because you are performing tasks that do not use your capabilities to the fullest or you are doing your work just for the sake of doing or you could be doing something that is not your cup of tea. Whatever the reason might be, at the end of the day it is important that you perform your tasks and feel productive and positive.

What you do should be useful to you or somebody else and it should garner suitable results for everybody involved. 

We provide some transforming tips that could rapidly increase your productivity and keep you optimistic

  1. A Plan In Hand

Planning is key to being productive. One must remember here that productivity is not only people who work outside. People who take care of home and family also need to be productive. A plan facilitates a vision that helps you ideate and implements. It is a broad mind map that helps you analyze every activity and the time involved to do it. You can even split your activities into hours and find out how much time is going in actually pursuing the task and how much time is wasted otherwise. You can also divide your productivity calendars to work and personal and see to it that you achieve your day-to-day tasks regularly. 

  1. Do little bit everyday 

For instance, let’s assume that you want to pursue the activity of reading and you are not someone who prefers reading. Start with a small goal. Set your target for at least 5-6 lines every day. Even better if you exceed this target. However, even on a particular day, where you do not feel like reading, read the bare minimum of 5-6 lines, that way you meet your target and you are working towards your goal. Being productive is about the satisfaction you get while you pursue these tasks efficiently. The story of success is not the one with miracles and luck, rather it is a story of consistency and doing that little bit every day. 

  1. Signs of being unproductive 

You can’t sleep peacefully at night, nothing excites you anymore, you become lazy and want to push things for later. These are some basic signs to start off. When you are being unproductive, you will realize what’s happening. You have to make a conscious decision to work on yourself, else you will start blaming the circumstances for what is happening. You have to be satisfied and happy to keep people around your content and joyful. Working for the sake of it can keep you happy for a few months or maximum for a couple of years. Beyond that, you have to find a strong purpose for your life.

  1. Positive and Negative Consequences

The negative consequences of being unproductive include a very strong lack of satisfaction, increased boredom and increased scope for negative thoughts and emotions which will further pull you down and shadow your abilities. 

The positive consequences of being productive are that you feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose in your life. You’re putting your thoughts, innovation, and ideas into action and making it meet a suitable end.  This satisfaction will be the motivation factor to work harder towards your purpose. 

  1. The value of time 

When you plan your time and list down your activities in an organic fashion you realize that you have ample time for yourself too. Having personal time for yourself is extremely important. It gives you the rest and refreshment you seek on a day-to-day basis. Overworking and burdening yourself or not working and simply overthinking can lead to mental health issues that have the ability to tarnish your growth. So, being productive helps you cross these barriers and helps you be at your best and perform to the fullest of your potential.

All of us feel like we are tied down by problems. Some of us feel like our life has multiple problems and very few occasions to celebrate. In all this hustle and bustle we do not realize what we are doing and how we are doing everything. If we take a step back and see, we will notice that some amount of planning and a productive approach to doing your tasks can help you sail through this. All you have to do is observe how things are going with you and take the first step towards it and sooner or later you will enhance the quality of your life. Things will fall in place and we will realize that our life is our own making. 

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