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Don’t you all feel that you could have done something? You probably felt that you could perform better at work or that you could have maintained your health in a better manner or that you could have spent more time with your family or so on and so forth. 

Such feelings could lead you to a situation where you might have a feeling of extreme regret. But, not to worry, here are a few ways of increasing productivity in your life:

Write it down: We often tend to overestimate our memory and lose track of how life is going on thereby losing our control over our lives. Maintain diaries, write all your observations, emotions on paper. When you flip through pages you’d realise, where you were, where you are and where you are heading to. Writing has always proven to increase your understanding of life and also helps in identifying and rectifying the pitfalls of your life. This brings in productivity in your life

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Identify your energy: Your capacity to do work is your energy, your energy is like your DNA. You alone know it the best, in ways nobody else does.  Do not stress yourself to exhaustion, but ensure you channel your energy in activities that increase the value of your lifestyle. For instance, having an essential physical activity like exercise, swimming, dancing or any sport could be a great way of channelising your energy. These activities enable you to perform better in the primary tasks of work or the other important tasks you do at home. 

Elimination: Flushing out the unwanted aspects of your personality is probably one of the most important steps in increasing productivity in your life. It isn’t always about inculcating new things but also about unlearning all the misunderstood concepts. Unlearning should be your primary step to change. When you eliminate unwanted thoughts, emotions, habits you tend to get productive invariably. 

Time, the trick behind it all: Managing time is an art, so, you need not be perfect, but you have to be creative in your approach. Manage it, do not meddle with it. Planning is key to time management thereby key to productivity. Your time is always in your control as long as you do not take it for granted. Being productive doesn’t mean devoting all your time to pursuing excruciating activities. It means planning your day, planning your breaks, your work time and your family time, your spiritual/meditation time and so on. 

Approach: Your approach towards making your life productive should be realistic. Planning should be pragmatic and execution should be fruitful. For instance, you feel like you need to be more productive in your life broadly, you need to understand the challenges at work, at home, your duties and work out your plan within that scope. That would be a real-time realistic approach. This is sure to bring a change in your life.  

One at a time: When you start implementing your plan, do not try to master it all at once. Take one step at a time. This is extremely important in situations where you feel like nothing is in your hand and that you’re not doing anything productive. Start with small things, if you feel like you haven’t read enough, read one page a day, if you feel like you have put on a lot of weight, start with a half-hour walk. The secret here is that you win the race when you’re slow and natural with it. 

Aim for the best, start with the toughest: Your challenges are mostly the problems that have been leeching of you for a longer period. Start with tackling the toughest problems and you’ll eventually find yourself at your best. Start with tackling, that annoying habit, that unsolvable problem and eventually reach your best destination. 

Show dedication and have courage: Dedicate time, make that effort, walk that extra mile, get up on time, sleep on time, ignore toxic people, appreciate yourself, walk ahead and maintain your pace. Continuity and consistency are key to your productive transformation. Do it without fail. 

Divide your tasks into smaller tasks, while implementing a task do not think of the ones that are lined up. Work towards the change and understand the pace of this change. Do not look for motivation or critiquing outside, you’re the only kindness you need, When you’re assured of that do not expect anything from others. After all, you’re doing this for yourself, isn’t it?

Feeling the need to be productive in itself is your first step in the path of progression. Most of us lose heart during the implementation. In time you will realise that the earlier you work on yourself, the more you’ll gain out of life. Try new things, be okay with failure initially, with every step you take new dimensions in your life will make you happier, healthier and lovelier. 

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