Pandemic: A Look Back And The Way Ahead

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Hope all of you have a great weekend ahead. 

We are halfway through 2021 and a lot is surely yet to be achieved. We have battled a huge pandemic that seems to trouble us in waves and threatens to visit us again. There’s a lot that has been going on anyway, people have forgotten the road that leads to their office, but still are stuck with work anyway. Their world is their home, laptops and the money that they have been saving to travel across the globe, once the lockdowns are lifted. We have seen many of our cousins, neighbours, family members or family friends get married with live streaming as a facility to ensure that their well wishers can see their wedding on video from across the world. 

Unfortunately, many even lost their means of living. Daily wage workers and people who get their food by pursuing odd jobs have been shattered due to the waves of the pandemic. But even among those there are inspiring stories where people found innovative ways of making money and are surviving the ill effects of the pandemic with grace, dignity and strength. 

This time the loss of jobs was not only for a particular class of people. Anybody, anywhere irrespective of his/her status could get fired. This way many people holding tob jobs such as vice president’s, CEO’s or even Managing Director’s lost their jobs during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we did hear a few succumbing to these hard situations, but many emerged out more successful than before. They found new partners, understood the nuances of the market and are back with a bang.

In the midst of all this we cannot forget the entire medical fraternity that has stood like courage under fire and has supported humanity like never before. They have treated patients right in the middle of the pandemic, while risking their own lives. Starting from doctors, nurses, para medical staff, administration and every helper in the medical field, their contribution shall be never forgotten for decades to come. 

These people had to stay away from their loved ones for weeks together and had to be around ailing patients fighting for life and death, day and night. Nobody can imagine the plight of these people through the pandemic. Their contribution continues through these tough times and will continue until the day where we all can say that Corona has been eradicated from this world. Let’s hope for that day to come soon.

The pandemic is a historic movement that has tested the human race like never before. We also saw a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, essential medical supplements and there were many insensitive people who continued to think about money making even through this terrible crisis. But on the positive side, India as a Country saved a lot of lives if compared with the number of infections it recorded through both the waves of the pandemic.

We must also appreciate the affluent in our nation, who contributed towards many funds that were put to judicious use by several authorities. Yes, many did criticise them for they thought that the contribution made was less or insufficient. However, a contribution is a contribution and we must appreciate that individuals of this country donated their hard earned money for a noble cause of saving lives through the pandemic. 

The role of social media is something we cannot ignore. During the pandemic so many people reached out for help and even got the right support for their ailing family members. People shared information about doctors, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and even information on symptoms, ways to deal with pandemic, and how to follow safety measures. Yes, social media has brought all of us together and has proved that unity is strength. 

The way ahead is unknown but we shall be prepared. as we have the courage to face it. We have to fight the battle against the coronavirus for the sake of humanity and if you have survived two deadly waves of the virus then you are lucky and should feel immense gratitude for yourself and do your bit for those that suffered loss. The way ahead is unpredictable, two waves have gone by but we really cannot predict what will happen next but we can manifest that whatever is ahead shall be faced with faith, courage, sensitivity, love and care. We will cross the bridge and succeed. History has shown and proven to us that humanity always wins and even one humanity shall win. 

Wishing the best for all!

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