Money- Boon or Bane

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Why do you think the world is ruled by money today?

What are the reasons behind people ignoring all aspects of life for making money alone?

Why do people prioritize money over it all?

The answer sounds very obvious, isn’t it?

Well, it’s not!

Money has taken over our lives because of a tendency to drool behind it has been initiated by people generations before and it continues to be injected into all of us even today. 

While we cannot entirely blame our forefathers for the same, we have to understand that it is an unidentified, socially accepted illness that prevails among us all. Therefore, because it is so well infused in our minds, we are going to take time to get over its dangerous impact. 

If you notice this want and excessive obsession with money has gradually increased century after century. Such changes in society are often not observed and lead to situations where human beings go to the extent of selling organs, poaching animal skin, cheating your kith and kin and many other painful activities that ruin the core of our society. 

Today, we have reached a place where money defines your relationships, your character and your life. A person who has ample money is considered extremely successful. Doesn’t matter if that person made that money illegally, doesn’t matter if that person ruined the lives of many before making such wealth. 

You would realise that people distance themselves away from you the moment you face a financial burden or what is called distancing one-self from failure. Your friends turn foes, your relatives ignore your calls, in some cases, even your family turns against you and thinks of you as a burden. That is the kind of power money has. 

It might sound like a very obvious repercussion. But, friends it is not!

It has been ensured that people believe in this philosophy. Historically, there were so many other ways of leisure, socialising and engagement. It was about celebrating and investing time with all of them not individually investing it inside the four walls of your home. The arts and crafts such as dance, paintings, singing, plays etc were considered leisures of life and it was open to all. People weren’t money-centric, everybody’s life had a well-identified purpose and all of them ensured they fulfilled it. Archaeologists, who have read and understood several civilizations like the Indus Valley Civilisation, speak of a very happy society. A society, free of ills, free of poverty, free of social evils and full of life and work. 

showing Dollars

What do you think they had that we don’t?

There was money, there was work, there was life but, there was no poverty, no social evil and no discrimination. The History we know and study talks about 500 years of invasion and discrimination not about a time where none of them existed. 

Money is the reason, may not be the reason alone, but a major cause of all the problems we face today. Now, the key is to learn how to deal with it.

Here are a few ways as to how you could deal with money

  1. Earn it, don’t live it: Earn money for your well being and spend your time with family and friends not making money alone.
  2. Prioritize: If you had a choice between making more money in the office by staying for an extra hour and spending that hour with your family. Prioritize and choose the latter one.
  3. Spend it don’t be a spendthrift: Mismanagement of monetary resources is a major reason for your finance to turn upside down. Don’t be under the impression that money is going to last forever and that you alone decide how things work out for you. Be prepared and be wise.
  4. Do not overdo: Got a bonus last month? Not necessary that you buy that extra video game for your child or replace your expensive watch with another expensive watch. Control this tendency.
  5. Save it. Share it: It might sound very preachy but it is the best way to bring back a fair balance in our society. It is our responsibility to leave a world in a manner that is better than how it was when we came. 
  6. Enjoy it don’t be forced to show: Status should be a representation of lifestyle not a reason for discrimination and judgement. 

Every step taken is a milestone achieved. The above points brought to your notice doesn’t imply that you cannot enjoy your earnings or you should give away all your wealth. It means that because of unjust occurrences in the past we need to take some steps to bring in a balance so that our children can lead a life free of evils and we contribute to peace in ways many people are benefitted. 

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