Learning how to say NO


Have you realized the power of taking a stance and saying NO?

Well, are you able to recall instances where you wished you could say no, but you agreed to it because you couldn’t say no?

It is great to agree but haven’s you heard? It is absolutely fine to agree to disagree. 

Time for all of us to understand that, that one NO can make all the difference in your life. 

Here are a few key situations in life where you should unabashedly say NO!

When your friends/peers/ colleagues want you to do something but your instinct gives a strong intuition not to do so:

Often, in day-to-day scenarios, there are situations where the whole gang around you wants you to give in but your instinct gives you the opposite signal. Don’t think twice before following your instincts blindly. This could be a movie they want you to come to, but you don’t feel like it. It could be a friend persuading you to collaborate for a business but you just don’t feel right. These are situations where you usually tend to give in and you know you’ve regretted them. So, use the magnificently magical word NO.

When you know it’s not your fault and the world seems to think of you otherwise:

These are situations where you lose your sense of right and wrong. Primarily because you are hovered by what others have to say. Learn to stand up for yourself, trust your sense of judgment and wisdom and reject any such accusations. Don’t be bogged down by anyone whatsoever. If a person’s presence depends on you accepting something that isn’t your fault, then, you know a NO here makes all the difference!

This doesn’t mean that you are an embodiment of righteousness from heaven, you’re human, you can go wrong. All you need to know is that your self-respect and individuality should not be overpowered by ego and rudeness. 

When someone you so dearly cherish, who matters to you so much takes you for granted:

There’s care, blind love, and then we have carelessness and unprecedented dependence. This is probably one of the most difficult situations to say no to. But, this is also the most painful to deal with. Close people are a valuable human resource but when they caress with one hand and hurt you with the other you need to be tactful enough to cherish the hand that caresses and resists the hand that hurts. Learn to say no to them, learn to tell them that you aren’t bound to entertain their careless actions. Speak, let them know, remind them of your love and establish the respect that seems to have faded away in this relationship. 

Most problems we face are not because of our difficult circumstances. It is our inability to deal with them. Succumbing to circumstances equates to inviting more troubles in your life. You should not be afraid of creating an uncomfortable situation by saying that one NO if you wouldn’t you are giving way to a pool of pain to flow its way through your life.

There are a few situations where you should stand for yourself and say the magic two-lettered word NO.

There are ways as to how you should say NO, the way to communicate and send your message across should be well-identified. 

To only way to say no is to say NO!:

men showing stop hand

People usually tend to evade a situation by walking out of it or trying to be extremely polite. We need to understand that in situations where you are forced to do something without your will, you’ll have to say a straight NO! Sometimes at the cost of your own peace of mind. Measure out your action-effect graph. What action to what effect and you’d be happier about it in the long run. 

Closer people take a longer time:

There are situations where you’ll have to be straight-forward and brief and then there are situations where you’ll have to choose the longer and patient path of explanation, reasoning, and clarity. Speak to them, because they need to know what bothers you and respect your choice. Think for yourself, be wise and you’ll see everything around you change. 

Know the right time:

There is no point in regretting an imprecise basement when you have already built a 10 storey building on top of it. There is no point in saying no after going through all the mental turmoil and then thinking that you’ll tell them no the next time a similar situation arises. The more time you take, the more is the unpleasantness in your mind, the more difficult it is for you to say NO! 

We are progressing as smart beings, we need to pull up our socks and do it right away, 

The right time is Now!

Saying NO to something doesn’t imply that you’re being rude. Rejecting something is a choice, it shouldn’t be misunderstood as something cynical. Be courteous in your approach, firm in speech and lucid in expression. 

After all, if a question arises whether going through all this is worth the effort?

Well, do it and see you’ll not only know for yourself but you’d let others know that 

“It’s okay to say No!”

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