Hurdles: The only way to get ahead


As soon as we want to start something new or something that is going to transform things in our life, the first thing we have to cross is a set of hurdles. Hurdles are those barriers that prevent us from achieving our goals or fulfilling our dreams. But, they can bother you only as long as you haven’t overcome them. Thinking of it in a broader perspective, one might realize that it is the strength that we feel in ourselves, while we cross the hurdles, that gives us the confidence to be successful. The only reason why we see hurdles on our path is because it is the right path, the right way ahead. If your path seems too easy, then you might as well question yourself if it is the right path to success. 

Every successful story you hear or see is a result of a path full of hurdles that have been successfully crossed. The people who overcame every challenge and obstacle are the people that we know today. The ones that gave in to obstacles are the ones who haven’t crossed their hurdles. We are in no place to judge anybody for what they go through, but we can certainly learn from their stories and get ahead in our life.  Every story around you has something to contribute and it is of utmost value to make things easier for you.

We cannot possibly predict what challenge lies ahead of you, but we can recognise every challenge and face it gracefully to move on in your lives. There is a very famous saying which says that the successful people are not the ones who never failed, they are the ones who never stopped trying, they never gave up. So the first thing to remember when you start on your journey to success is to never give up

Never Give Up

There comes a time in our life when we truly want to do something that gives us genuine satisfaction. When we start walking down this path, we realise the enormous amount of challenges that lay ahead of us, This could be personal or professional challenges. For instance, you probably decided to change your career path or start a new venture in your early 40’s. This will surely come with a set of challenges, you are probably one of the main sources of income for your family. The new business or career change could bring in change in the comfortable lifestyle that you are currently living. There is a huge risk involved, because of the uncertainty of the new venture. But does this mean that you should give up on it and put an end to your dream? No, you should never give up on your dreams. There is only one life and we should try everything out to be successful. But what you should know is that we can always afford to take calculated risks. 

Calculated Risks

The idea of taking risks calculatively is the best. This means to analyze the pros and cons of every situation and then take your risks accordingly. This means that even if you fail in a certain effort of yours, the loss is not so unbearable that your entire life will change. An effort that is planned in this manner gives you more confidence and clarity. It is often seen that people who fear risks are the ones who never come out of their comfort zone and they often don’t achieve their goal because of the fear of taking risks. 

Get over your fears

This is absolute magic, the moment you get over your fears, everything seems easier. You will realize that you have crossed the hurdle and you are benefitting from the success of doing so. The fear of the unknown vanishes and you become prepared and confident enough to face even future challenges in the same spirit. Fear and worry are forces that are meant to only pull you down, faith and hard work are the opposite forces that make you flourish and make you a part of numerous possibilities. 

It is the first month of 2022, every month of this year is yours, if you plan and execute your dreams. Do not focus on the hurdles that lie ahead instead think of the solutions that you can come up with. Every moment of your life can be exciting and satisfying if you pursue your dreams. Doesn’t matter if you are in your 20’s, 30’s or even 70’s. It only matters that you do it and you will enjoy the change!

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