How to understand gender and look ahead for a brighter future


Gender is always a sensitive topic, with time, the definition of gender has changed. People have started identifying themselves with different genders. In such times, how should your approach be? How should you deal with the generation gap or cultural gap? What is the importance you have to give? 

Gender is a topic that is being studied, discussed, debated, and is being fought for in all realms and in every corner of the world. People have fought for this cause for centuries now. The need arises because we have had a history where people have always found it easier to illtreat others, dominate others, and therefore over generations it became a regular practice or even a rule. What has to change is approach, mentality, and behavior. Broad mentality with acceptance to a new tomorrow is what it seeks.

Here are a few tips to understand gender.

  1. Make an attempt to educate: Educate yourself, your peers, your parents, your relatives, and everybody you can. If the gender barriers have to be broken, you have to understand gender first. The biological construct and the social construct are to be understood. 
  2. Equality: We live in a country where equality is a right. We should follow it without fail and make others follow it too. No gender can take precedence over another gender It shouldn’t matter to anyone. 
  3. Working opportunity: Gender should not be a criterion for hiring, firing, promotion, etc. Your gender no doubt is a part of your identity but it doesn’t mean that a decision is made on that especially at workplaces. 
  4. Breaking stereotypes: We all live in a world, which is made to face a bright and robust tomorrow. All age-old stereotypes that are regressive and put people down should be sacrificed and new habits, perspectives should be adopted
  5. Interpersonal roles: If gender shouldn’t be criteria at the workplace, it shouldn’t be criteria at home too. People face numerous obligations because of their gender. This mentality should be overcome by treating all of them at home with the same rule and with the same approach. 
  6. Gender stereotyping: While we break generic stereotypes, we should also understand that definitions change, times change and therefore people change too. How a certain man behaves or what he likes or doesn’t like is a matter of personal choice. The same applies to a woman, what she likes or dislikes is her own personal choice and should not be determined by others. Breaking stereotypes attached to every gender is important. 
  7. Give the helping hand: People who have issues with gender do not want discrimination they need understanding, empathy, encouragement. If you can do something, talk to them, understand their problems, show them the solution, make them feel like they matter to the whole world. Make them understand that standing for one’s identity is never wrong and can never be quoted wrong ever.

Let us all look ahead for a tomorrow where people are more understanding, more caring, more empathetic, and more human. We have for long lost on lots of justice, but now it is time to correct age-old mistakes and look ahead. 

Today, the world is not like how it used to be, people are changing, if we keep thinking that old practices are always a hindrance to society. We shouldn’t think so. We need to be optimistic, progressive, intelligent, and wise. 

Good ideas of equality have to be instilled in children at school levels. They should feel good about themselves. The new generation should be aimed at bringing in the change. A person who is very barbaric might not listen to a progressive leader but he/she will certainly give a thought to it if their son or daughter spoke about a progressive thought. Therefore, the budding new generation is a ray of hope that has the capacity to look ahead and make others look ahead too. 

In conclusion, the way ahead starts from your doorway, you have to take the first step, then your family will. If we wait to follow somebody else, we’ll never be able to reach our destination

To a better, brighter, equal, and discrimination-free state, country, nation, and world.

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