How to live and dwell in a society happily and without judgment


Our society is our immediate exterior, the environmental setup which forms the first exterior circle of the external world.  It constitutes the people, the place, the communities, the quality of life of the people that dwell there, social values, and so on. 

Everyone is a significant part of this society. Whether we wish or not we cannot ever get rid of being associated with some of the other societies. Even if you are very isolated by nature, society still identifies you as an isolated person, it still doesn’t outlast you. However, there are times it may do so. 

With time, definitions of societies have changed, primarily because the people are not the same anymore. Aspirations of the people are different. Even India is moving towards a very individualistic type of society. 

The arrival of technology has certainly connected people online but has reduced offline meetings and has stolen away from the kind of intense rapport people shared at one point. People might sound very optimistic and genuine on a platform but might not show the same kind of appreciation and care when you meet them in person. This kind of superficial behavioral trait was seldom seen even at the beginning of the 20th century, before the technological revolution hit the entire World, at different times. Back then, it was either a yes or a no, you were a friend or you weren’t like social media where you are friends with people on the platform which says you have 1000 odd friends but when you meet even one out of 1000 in person, you possibly have nothing to speak. On the other hand, such communication has also gotten families closer, it is possible for people to call and communicate with each other at any point in time. 

All of this proves that there is more and more in the society that is changing and evolving.

Below are a few ways of living happily in any society 

No Judgements leads to Peace

In any society, there are people who are bound to judge each other. But, imagine a situation where we all accept each other’s limitations and heartily accept people for what they are. Try to practice this first before expecting others to be so.

Choose the right company

Society is like a salad bowl, especially an Indian society. In India, we have people speaking different languages, belonging to different cultures but hailing in the same society. In such a society it is not necessary that you vibe with everybody. But, you are sure to find somebody with whom you can share similarities and be with each other in times of happiness and sadness. 

Recognize, respond then you’ll receive.

Our closest kith and kin stay miles away from us, the people that help you first when you are in danger or congratulate on your small victories are the people living in the immediate society. Always, try to keep a positive and mutual relationship with the people in your society. Recognize their efforts, give back in ways it would be of help to them and then you will receive in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. 

Misunderstandings, fights, and resolving issues 

In the smallest of families, misunderstandings are bound to happen, then with people, you see day in and day out some misunderstandings will find ways to get in between and might make things occasionally difficult. You have to make a wise decision in these situations. You do not have to put up with any uncomfortable people but if you feel the issue is petty and is just causing unwanted problems then there is no harm in being the bigger person and taking the first step to resolving your problems.

Understand your role, reservations, freedom with in the society

Freedom is the norm of the day and as we proceed people might not care about what their neighbors are doing or not. However, it is important that you understand, in any society, there exists a generation of sensitive people, like young children and the aged members who are parents or grandparents. They are not going to take the time to get accustomed to things that the new generations follow. Therefore whatever you do respect and recognize the set of people and try to not cause any sort of discomfort to them. It could be as simple as you playing extremely loud music and your aged neighbors being disturbed by that. Therefore be careful and empathetic to your surroundings. 

Living in any society comes with a certain set of limitations and benefits. The best way out is to accept both as they exist because that is what is needed. Nothing is given perfectly crafted to us, we, with our will and optimism, have to make it perfect and we are sure to dwell peacefully.

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