How to handle work pressure?

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Work is what we do for most of the day and be default most of the week, year and most of our lives. We work to earn for our family, to fulfill our basic needs and for security. Hence, for most of us the income we earn is precious and makes our life smooth and strong. 

At work, there are days that are extremely hectic and there are days that are smooth. How do you differentiate between the two? The days that are hectic, you are working over time, you are exhausted and cannot think of doing anything after work. On normal days, you get back, you have some energy left to help with some household chores and are able to give time for yourself and the family. 

However, it always seems like there is a lot of work all the time, partly it is very true, partly it is because we do not differentiate between work time and personal time. 

We all must remember that we all function in organisations where delivery of work is the topmost priority. Our issues relating to work are ours alone to handle. Therefore you must make it a point to deal with them without actually making a hue and cry about it. 

It is undoubtedly true that you must deliver work, and be good at it, but you should also create time for other passions and duties. If we fail to do so, in the future we’ll realise that we would have missed out on so much.

Maintain work timings

Hence, maintain discipline in your work timings, that’s the first step to deal with work pressure. Whatever the work may be, unless and until it is not really urgent, ensure that you do well within working hours and you don’t work beyond work hours. Remember you have signed up for the work on the basis of designation, work hours and are getting paid accordingly. Hence, be wise and give good time for work but also know when to stop. 

Do not be pressurized

This will come with a lot of experience and wisdom, your superiors are bound to give your pressure because they themselves feel pressurized. Hence, we have to learn to cope with this pressure, without negatively impacting your work input, nor your mental and physical state. Hence, whenever you see a scenario when your boss or colleague is pressurizing you, the first you say is “Sure, it’ll be done” if you know that the situation is integral and you have to do it, then say this for sure. Do not show even a little bit of tension in your voice or body language and be confident about your work. This will not just make you feel better but your boss is sure to feel a little relieved, which means the pressure vapours away. 

Procrastination, a trait to forget

Work pressure is essentially piled up work. If it is because of another stakeholder or client or the company, it is not your fault. But if it is because you kept pushing a task for very long and one fine you have many such tasks to finish, then it is your fault alone. Therefore, do not postpone a task, unless it is extremely necessary. Finish your tasks as early as possible, and plan your schedule in a way that the most important ones are done earlier in the day. 

Have a plan

Some might think that anyway we have to do everything, what is the point of having a plan or schedule for the day. Well, the main point is to reduce the stress we go through, when we have a to-do list, we are clear about what is pending and what is done. We know how much time we have to give for what task, planning should be realistic and flexible not rigid and abstract. Put down all your specifics in the plan, this should include your work task list, your break timings, your meetings and so on. Try to put down every little activity on it. This way you’d be more organised, more flexible and less stressed and pressured to pursue so many tasks.

Ask for help

Not everything that you are asked to do is possible just by your efforts alone. Sometimes due to time constraints or other issues you might find it difficult to do another task. In times like these, ask for help. This could be informal or official, you could ask a colleague yourself, or request your boss to put somebody else with you in the same task. But, you must ask. This helps in not just easing your work but also will ensure that the work output is good, as it could not be up to the mark if you did it alone in a challenging situation. Hence, asking help will not reduce your stature nor will it make you dependent. We have to get over such thoughts and learn to deal with challenges with quick and able decisions.


Work pressure is a part of your work life, just like there are tight and difficult situations in personal life, similarly at work you will experience days where work is just too much and you temporarily want to just not to do those tasks. Yes, we are all humans, but we have to be graceful, to communicate to ask for help, to deal with situations with a stronger will and a wiser mind. Learn to enjoy what you are doing, because if you do not put enough effort into the work you are pursuing, sooner or later you will leave the job and look for something. Hence, understand yourself first, understand your organisation and work smartly. All of them will benefit equally. 

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