How to deal with Work-Stress

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Times are changing, the roles we play are changing. Don’t you think it is time we change how we deal with new-age work life and the stress it causes?

Work stress, as it sounds, is a direct impact of your career or work-life on your mind and body. While we all have understood the challenges and advancement of the 21st century we often fail to bring in a change in the ways in which we deal with work-stress 

Here are a few ways to deal with your work-stress 

Know the source

The first and the best way of handling the problem is to know what is causing the problem. Well, we all rant about the negative impact it causes but takes very little interest in finding what is causing the problem. 

Your life occurrences carry the source of your problem and remain unidentified until you make an effort to identify them. Stress at work can be caused by increasing tensions at home or increased workload at your workplace. Never make the mistake of thinking that your work-stress is only from your work, it can also be because you are not able to perform adequately due to personal reasons. 

Workplace More Stressful for Women

It could be your boss underestimating your value, a colleague causing disturbance, a client acting pricey or a disturbance in your relationship with your spouse. All you need to do here is to look into every aspect of your life and correctly identify what is causing this stress.

Keep Distance from uncomfortable situations:

It is a human tendency to fall into the same uncomfortable situation again and again. When you know a certain situation increases your stress level, you should recognize and prevent yourself from getting into that. 

Procrastination of work often leads you to stressful situations during submissions. Once you have faced a situation like this, understand and plan your work as efficiently as possible and do not fall into the same pit again. 

At work, you might have a boss who is possibly triggered by a certain situation or a gesture by you or your peers, understand and keep away from that. You might not be able to change your boss, but you can certainly evade negative situations by doing so. Understand, we cannot change the world, we have to change for it. There lies the victory.

Plan your time:

A day shouldn’t compose of work and chores at home. Remember that you exist as an entity for yourself. Plan your time in such a way that your family, work and yourself benefit equally. A plan here is not a strict way of imposing a routine on yourself. It is a plan to keep you away from stress, a plan to keep you balanced and pleasant. The plan should not be a tiring effort of writing too many things on paper. Rather, it is a mental note that you should keep in your mind throughout the day.  For instance, instead of stressing about work as soon as you get up in the morning, you can make a plan in your mind. That can go like “ Okay, I’ll make the report by 11” instead of “Oh god, I don’t know what is going to happen with the report”.It makes all the difference. So, plan your time, don’t panic. Planning also means planning your breaks, your food time, tea time, chat time and of course work time.

Stressbusters are a boon:

We all have that one thing we pursue to burst out stress, that one person that brings that smile on your face after a long day of work, that one place that brings you peace, visual mediums that take you into another world. Well, when you have stress you have also got something to bust it with, isn’t it? Then, why stop yourself from busting that balloon of stress.

Your teammate irritates the life out of you, but your mother feeds you with your favourite food the same evening. It’s a balance that you need to create. Your boss is upset with your work, you have your colleague or friend to help you with it. Remember, the way out is not to take the stress but to make it non-existent.


You know, it makes you or breaks you. Your attitude towards life defines your attitude towards the challenges it poses. Increasing tasks at work is a challenge, balancing work time and personal time is a challenge, prioritising your children over your boss is challenging, controlling your mind through all this is the biggest challenge. But, your challenge doesn’t define you, your attitude towards it definitely does. 

The situation around us is not a matter of choice, but your attitude towards it is a matter of choice. Stress exists in the situation around you, but it bothers you only when you let it hover over your intellect. Your attitude towards life should be magnificent, stress should be belittled and should be outgrown.

Your mind, your senses, your emotions and their dependents should be in your control. If you leave them as they are they’ll leave you as you are.

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