How to deal with unforeseen situations

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We are all good planners, we plan our education, retirement, health cover, insurance and as many things as possible. However, there are situations that we face where none of the planning makes any sense. It is only you and only the situation in front of you. Your mind stops working, you start feeling null and numb. 

How do you respond to such situations and how do you face them?

Here are few key habits in your day to day life that you can inhabit to face the challenges in your life 

  1. Practice yoga and meditation regularly: Yoga and meditation have so many benefits, they are not just for your physical well being but also your mental well being. The practice of yoga increases your ability to think and act. It shapes your mind in such a way that irrespective of the situation your mind is intact and is not disturbed. It will keep you calm and composed in situations where you might otherwise give up. It is the strongest factor in keeping your mind steady and stable in difficult situations. 
  2. Work on your emotional quotient: Your emotional quotient is your ability to behave in different ways. The E.Q. decides your behaviour in every given situation. If you find yourself crying for a small problem, you are certainly going to be negatively impacted by a big problem. So, find out how you change the way you emotionally respond to day to day problems and situations, if you think your emotions are easily disturbed, then you have to consciously make an effort to change yourself. If not, you are going to make a bad situation worse instead of better. 
  3. Keep an eye on your habits: Good habits are going to be your best friend in the long run. But, what abou bad habits? How are you going to get rid of them overnight. In general a person in a state of stress or tension takes the help of a bad habit. If that is the case for regular problems then when bigger problems arise you are dependent on it even more and so always remember your habit, good or bad, is a part of you. If you become full of your habit and nothing else then it makes even simple things difficult for you. So, keep a watch on your habits, do not let them control you.
  4. Do not act at the wrong time: As humans we are instinctive and emotional beings, we tend to act first and think later. When it comes to serious situations we forget everything and blindly follow somebody’s advice or do something without thinking of the consequences practically. This is not completely your fault but it is still in your hands to control the situation. After all, what matters is how you respond in a given situation not what the situation is. 
  5. Listen to yourself, yourself alone: People love giving advice and they aren’t completely wrong always. It’s fine to listen to them and consider what they have to tell us but the decision has to be yours. Every person around you will have their own advice and opinion of what you are going through, but, you alone know how it feels to stand in your shoes. So, believe in yourself, in your instinct, in your ability, in your upbringing, they all together make it happen. Also, respect what others have to say, but the problem is that people advise on the basis of their own experiences and prejudices. Which will not be of much help. 

Well, in reality it is your attitude, will power, strength and the wisdom that you possess that will help you in times of need. Courage and bravery are virtues you have to possess, not only for physical security but also for mental strength and rigor and then like they all say “ clouds will pass by” it is after the clouds are gone by that you’ll realise how fortunate you were to have been so strong and robust and to have faced the situation with strength and wisdom. 

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