How to cope up with bad days at work

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Work is more or less like how our life is. It is a mix of highs and lows, bad and good. Some days are really fulfilling and some days aren’t. But we have to learn how to deal with them. We cannot let these bad days get on to us and make us jump to conclusions that are based on our insecurities. Hence, let’s look at how to deal with bad days and how to cope with the pressures that haunt us at these moments.

What is a bad day?

Simple, any day that makes you upset, the reasons for which could be anything. Your boss might have scolded you or a client meeting would have gone really bad or even you would have overseen a big error on your project or anything. The end result for most of these situations is that we feel terrible about ourselves and simply put ourselves down, this is exactly when you are making the day bad by giving into negative emotions. Hence, we need to have the wisdom to not give into such emotions and garner the strength to look beyond for you to feel good about yourself and the work that you do. 

Here is a list of tips which will surely prevent you from having a bad day!

  • Maintain your calm, no matter what. 

Yes, that is your number one tip and it applies to any situation in your life. Never ever lose the balance that keeps you in order. On a bad day, you must practice this because it prevents a bad day from getting worse and makes the day a lot better. Hence, learn to maintain balance and keep your head cool and composed all the time for it works the best then. 

  • Give it sometime. 

Not everything changes overnight and so bad days won’t become fine all of a sudden. It will take time and so you have to give yourself time to forget and get back to the regular routine. Because bad days also give you a chance to retrospect and make you a wiser person. You can pick up a book or watch a video or even speak to your friend because it will make you feel a lot better about yourself. Because at the end of the day everything happens in your head. 

  • Do not speak until necessary 

It is understood that a bad day would mean that your mind is not at rest and you are bound to be irritated. In such a situation the smallest of things will begin to annoy you and you might end up behaving a little unwise to somebody else and so avoid conversation for sometime and keep yourself involved in something that you like. 

  • Think of a nicer memory from the past

Good attracts good and so a good thought will attract another good occurrence. Hence, recollect a pleasant experience and you will find that you feel different and better for a reason and this is sure to keep you happier mentally. Bad day at work can end as a good day at home, so spend time with family and friends. 

  • Look upto to elders 

Elders have a sense of wisdom because of their experience of life and their love for you. No matter how complex your work solution is, they will have some comforting answers to give to you. They need to know or understand your work for that matter. Their simple words speak out of wisdom and give you a sense of direction and can provide a solution which will ultimately give you the peace of mind you are craving. 

A single bad day if not dealt properly can lead to multiple bad days and so you must ensure that you learn to talk to yourself and come up with solutions to sort this problem out. Life is a long race with so many things lined up, so learn to look at the broader picture and do not narrow down your existence to one single day. The experience of life is profound and when we understand the larger picture, smaller events will assume lesser relevance and importance in your life. 

Many people accumulate the stress caused by bad instances, so much so that they need treatment and counselling to get out of that. As humans we always need to understand that every experience in life is in many ways our own making and so the wisdom inside us should guide us through this journey and should inspire people younger to us to take life with strength and courage and face everyday as an opportunity to get closer to our goal. When higher realities are born in our heads than other matters look easy and trivial. Live life to the fullest! 

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