How to construct change inside you


How to construct change inside you?

Change is the only constant. We need to keep changing, adding new elements to our personality, work on our flaws, and keep growing with every curve of our life. Therefore, we have to be adaptable to change and in order to do so, we have to realize that barriers to change and the traits in us that help up change in a smooth manner

In our lives, there are situations and circumstances that are diverse and unique that we have to be true to our original self and at the same time mold ourselves as the situation demands. The change you bring in is your ability to mold, your ability to bring in new attributes to your personality that will last a lifetime. 

Below are  9 tips that help you construct the change!

Be flexible, not fixed: To be the change you want, you’ve got to be able to think of being ready for a situation beyond your limitations. If you stagnate in being a person of a certain kind, you’ll never be able to adapt to change. So, ease-out, unwind and wake that child in you that is so confident of walking on water.

Liberal approach: To construct a change you’ve to think beyond your thoughts. Thinking that what you don’t know about or what you haven’t heard about, doesn’t exist, stops you from implementing that change. Be liberal in thought, have a free mind, and an adaptive mind that is willing to learn and progress.

Action: You have to work towards your change and it is never going to be a cakewalk. Work towards your change, find new ways, take help, approach experts, do everything that pushes you towards the change you are aspiring to be. Day-dreaming and jotting down notes on paper is not going to help, you’ve to act upon your plans and work for them. 

Adventure: The word after the action is always an adventure. Change gives you the thrills of doing the same things in different ways. For example, we all go for long drives and see the countryside, but the feeling is a lot different when you are going road-tripping or for a safari ride in a wildlife park. That is the feeling you need to have when you bring in change, you’ve to be excited, thrilled, curious, and full of life. 

Be ready for criticism and praise: They all come in the same platter, you’ve to learn to ignore both and be devoid of both criticism and praise. One lets you down for no reason the other makes you unnecessarily conscious about yourself. Both are hindrances to change. Look at things for what they are and make your efforts to continue the change you’ve made.

Consistency: If bringing in change is a challenge then maintaining consistency is a bigger challenge. Therefore, always be careful once you realize that you’ve achieved what you wanted to, then, caution yourself and avoid the smallest of things that will take you back to where you were.

Inspiration: Many of us are inspired by what others are doing and have the strong urge to replicate what others are doing. We have this tendency to bring in changes just because somebody else has imbibed a certain change in their lifestyle. This is not a very ideal thing to do, change is a personal choice and it has to come from within. If you blindly bring in a change in your life because somebody else has done so, then that change is not going to last. Getting inspired is fine only as long as you understand your personal commitments and challenges. If you have the ability to get inspired and make that change your own, then it is a good approach else it is a blind trial that is going to do no good,

When do you know it’s working?: Well, patience should be your best friend and companion when it comes to bringing change in your life. The changes you bring in are not going to show their results in a day or two, it might take many weeks, months, and for bigger changes to bear fruit, even a year. Therefore, be disciplined and keep doing your bit, regularly and consistently. It will take time and patience, but it will all be worth it. You might get strange thoughts that might motivate you to give up, but, never give in to that. Be agile and ardent and then you’d be happy and content with the good that the change brings in.

The right time is now: For every action that leads towards progression the right time is this moment. Make that first step, walk that extra mile, and do not leave any scope for you to fall back. Your mindset should lead you to your destination. 

Change is always worth it. Time brings in change, everything around you changes, for good or for bad, but it changes for sure. Your focus should be on making changes in your life that bring out the best in you. Change, change, change till you succeed!

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