How to choose your career path and your job?

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We spent almost 70-80 % of our lives working. We spend so much of our energy and time pursuing our career and work duties. Hence, we have to be careful about accessing what gives us the best gratification and work satisfaction. There is a list of parameters that we should be aware of while choosing what we have to choose as our career. Further, is money the only defining factor to define your job is a question we must ask ourselves. 

Work for many is worship, it defines our life, our lifestyle, our mindset and in many ways determines the quality of life we lead. For example a highly stressful job is going to show its impact on our personal life as well and so a highly productive job will have the corresponding impact on your life. So, it is impossible to split personal and work lives when it comes to the impact it has on each other. That is what makes it important to choose the right work role that makes a difference in your life and gives you the gratification you need and the ability to fulfill all your needs.

  1. Passion, Hobby, Work and Correlation. 

Many people make their passion, their mode of earning. This is common with singers, dancers, painters, poets and other artistic and creative people. It is also considered very uncertain to bank on your talent for monetary returns, which is not always right. If one has to succeed in any career, sheer hard work, consistency and patience is important. If any one of these is missing, it will have a negative impact on your work. Hard work comes with sincerity, routine and dedication towards your duty. Consistency is your ability to pursue the same task with increased effectiveness over time and patience is your ability to have faith in your work and wait patiently for your results. If these virtues are valued and respected then you need not worry about anything else, you are sure to be a success. 

  1. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses

It is important that you understand what your strengths are and access a job role accordingly. Every human has his or her own strength and weaknesses and so it is important that we recognize and weigh out the pros and cons of what we are doing in our life, it is extremely important. See what comes naturally comes to you or what gives you satisfaction and then choose a career. Even after you choose a career then, you will have challenges that you will face and so be open to challenges. 

  1. Learning: A process forever

Any career should have scope for growth and that can only come with a job that has scope for learning. You should be able to expand your scope of work and this will be smooth only if you have the strong intent to learn and acquire immense knowledge on different subjects related to your mainstream of work. Hence, prepare yourself to be a lifelong learner and you are sure to be happy and joyful. 

  1. Do not run behind money 
Do not run behind money

Money is the result of what you do, and so anything done with sincerity will garner good monetary benefits, hence we should ensure that we prioritize the job and the money we get in return. A decision made on the salary is sure to bring unhappiness in your life. This should not be confused with professions people pursue because of the painful financial crisis they go through. That is a different issue altogether. This is for people who feel like money is THE deciding factor for all that we do. Such thoughts should not be encouraged. Hence, counsel yourself to wise decisions. 

  1. When do we leave the job or change the career

This is a very subjective decision to make. But there are a few factors that you can look into to ensure that you are doing the right things. If you feel like your mind is really passionate about a particular career, you can change your career. If you have that level of confidence that even if you change your career and if it doesn’t click you are able to get back with what you are doing. If you have the ability to take calculated risks and the people who are dependent on you are not majorly impacted then you are free to make a decision that is life-changing. 

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