How do we work towards and follow our GOAL

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There is so much written and spoken about goal making and how important goals are. However, it is on us to carve a way out to actually achieve them. Working towards your goal is the main intention of having a goal. 

  1. We must understand that there NO ONE SECRET MANTRA 

If person A achieved his goal by studying in the day, person 2 would have achieved her goal of studying in the night. Two people with the same goals achieve it differently. So, copying methods will unnecessarily delay our timelines. The right way to do it is to take inspiration and make them your own. When your goals are designed based on the circumstances in which you live, you will be able to achieve them easily. 

There can never be only one way to fulfil something in your life, there are multiple ways to do it. So the only mantra that works ultimately is the one you have consciously adopted weighing the pros and cons. 

  1. Implementation should become a part of your life

When you wake up in the morning, there are some activities that you have to perform inevitably. Something like brushing your teeth, exercising or choosing what to wear to work or cleaning yesterday’s utensils or even eating your breakfast. Implementing your goal should become a part of your core daily routine. We do not see if it is a Sunday or a Monday when we have our breakfast, we just have it anyway. Similarly, we have to clean up our homes, if they are unclean without seeing what day it is. You should give your goal implementation the same status. Not performing your goal should not be an option. It has to be done. Yes, you will get tired and you might feel exhausted. If you get tired and exhausted, learn to rest, not give up. The people that do not succeed are not the ones who never tried, they are the ones who failed and did not get back. So learn to rest and get back. Implementing your goal is a part of your life and if you do not pay heed to it, your goal will also find reasons to move further away.

  1.  Distraction and hurdles 

We might notice many parents saying that their children got distracted and so they couldn’t get that extra mark. We also hear people say things were difficult at home and so I could not focus on work and get that promotion. Some even blame external factors, saying, some third person is completely responsible for us not being able to achieve. Distraction and hurdles are a part of our life, they were there yesterday, they will continue to appear even in the future. Yes, it is understandable that you got distracted or found it extremely difficult to overcome a hurdle. However, it is never justified to repeat getting distracted because of a hurdle or quit because there is a hurdle. The way out is hard work, dedication and guidance from experienced people. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you want it, it will happen.  

  1. Never stop 

Every time you achieve a goal, aim for the next one. One should think of the highest peak one can reach. Being greedy is certainly not healthy, but having goals to achieve is always great. It will give you the motivation to wake up and do your duty every day. It is ultimately the purpose of your life. The more you prosper, the more you can do for the people around you. The amount of satisfaction you get also is great. Remember to always keep aiming for the peak of the mountain. The bigger you think, the higher you’ll get.

The aim of our life is to pursue our duty, our work and perform it with sincerity and devotion. Be it your personal life or professional life, you always should keep goals for yourself to get ahead in life. The purpose of our life is to fulfil the duty of our life, if we do not do justice to that, we are technically not doing justice to life. Hence, focus on your goal and work towards it regularly. Do not worry about success, when you make your efforts consistently success has no choice but to eventually follow you.

Start with your planning, now!

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