How do we maintain work relationships and conduct ourselves professionally


Work is where we spend most of our time. We have to maintain certain relationships there. How do we deal with the ups and downs of this bond?

Well, work relationships are by nature very tricky. One has to understand the nuances of this bond and act accordingly. 

Here are a few key observations and tips that help you maintain a healthy and happy bond with your peers and superiors at work place and help you conduct yourself in a certain way at work.

Never help until you are asked to

We all are habituated to look for a friend even at your workplace. With friends there is always this tendency to help without being asked for. At work, this habit will work against your favour, therefore help only when someone genuinely needs it. Not when they are asking only to get rid of the work they are allotted with. Ensure people are not taking advantage of you in the garb of friendship.

Work first, rest later

In the relationships we have at work, we should not flow into it so much so that you end up altering the work outcome. Work should be given the prime priority and everything else comes later. You are human, you will make some bonds, but remember that your work is your source of financial income and if something negative happens it impacts your record at work. Be cautious ever.


Your workplace, no matter how friendly and comfortable it might be for you, you shouldn’t forget to be self-monitored and control your emotions completely. Expression is good but subtlety is suggested. Be it anger, happiness, sadness, guilt, excitement or any other emotion always be balanced in your expression. 


Never given an absolute reply to anything, this will evade a series of similar situations for you, which you might have to face otherwise. When asked for a personal opinion on somebody or any situation, be diplomatic, do not agree or disagree, leave it open ended. When it comes to issues with your work you have to stick to your opinion and speak your mind. For everything else diplomacy is a weapon that keeps you away from controversies that’ll unnecessarily bother you otherwise. 

Never promise more than what you can

This applies to your colleagues and your superiors. People at work are always functioning on timelines and dates. In a constant environment of continuous timelines, do not promise to deliver something at a  certain time, if you know that you do not have that kind of time. Extreme care has to be taken here. In case you do promise and fail to deliver, a negative mark against your name will be marked, on the other hand if you make things clear in the beginning saying that the work you have been given is a difficult task and that you will not be able to give it in the stipulated time, your clarity and expression will be appreciated and you might even get an extension. 

Beyond Friendship

There are many who find their suitable spouses at their workplace. This might not be a conscious decision but might be a consequence of your fate and time. At work, you as an individual have to ensure that you keep this relation at bay and do not bring it in the workspace. Just like we differentiate between personal and professional life, attach your relation to the personal and keep it away from your professional life.

Breaks at work 

People at work are always observing, there is a cctv camera attached on the corner of your room, but a human cctv camera is always observing you. Take breaks only when necessary, lunch, tea etc. When you take them, take them properly. Instead of taking multiple breaks, take a few good breaks. Good enough for you to rejuvenate.

Sharing your personal issues with colleagues 

That is a choice you have to make based on your intuitions. Remember, at the end of the day you work colleagues are your colleagues first, friends later. Hence, understand that if you trust the wrong person, he/she may use this personal information against your favour. This is something bad but is true. Time will tell you as to who is to be trusted and who shouldn’t.  However, you’re lucky if you find a trustworthy person.

Workplace is an environment created for money and business, in such a place, seeking extreme understanding would be too much to expect. Hence, maintaining balance will let you enjoy the good and will keep you away from uncomfortable situations. We spend so much of our time there that it isn’t possible for us to behave cautious all the time, therefore let your inner self be expressed but do not let that work against your favour.

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