HELP- Understanding the term!

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Are you aware of the different ways to seek help?  Do you know of the situations in which you have to seek help? Do you know the people to whom you shouldn’t ask for help?

Access your situation:

Many of us are so involved in our situation that we fail to access it accurately. Accessing your situations gives you an indication of your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll know when and whom to ask for help. It could be financial help, emotional support, help with a project or just and day to day chores that need some help. For situations that do not need too much effort, you might have people who are willing to help you right away but if it is a financial situation or relationship guidance you will have to access the situation and think wisely before you seek any kind of help. Accessing the situation gives you a clear picture of whom to seek help form. Seeking help from the wrong person might not show its negative impact initially but sooner or later that person might always make you feel indebted. This might leach upon you every time you face that person. Therefore, access first, ask later. 

Taking help doesn’t mean you are weak:

There is a series of unprecedented stereotypes that come to play when it comes to taking the help. Some find it difficult because they feel their ego might be hurt, some shy away from the idea of taking help because they think their self-respect at stake. These situations happen only in your head, the only 2 entities that matter here is you and the person from whom you’re taking the help. So what is required here is trust in your relationship with that person. Do not believe in unwanted beliefs and stop yourself from taking help, By asking a person to help you finish a task or for a few rupees to meet your expenses you’re not committing a crime. In fact, your relationship with a person will be put through a good test in situations like these. If you succeed, then your bond only gets stronger. So, where is the loss here?

Help comes in different ways and different forms:

There are different situations and turns and curves in our lives. You never know who comes from where and helps you in ways you never expected before. So, be hopeful in all situations, especially in emergency situations where you’d assume that no one would bother to help you. Now, an entire year before went into pandemic and its negative impact. People helped each other without any personal bond whatsoever. Money was collected by several economic bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations. All of this to cater to anybody who can’t fight the pandemic alone. Nurses and doctors risked their lives to cater to individual patients affected by the virus. Hence, believe in the power of help, it is almost like mystical magic that uplifts you in difficult situations a sense of peace infests itself in such situations.

Be fine with rejection, don’t judge:

There are many situations where you really expect some help from a certain someone and unlike your expectation that concerned person refuses to help and gives suitable reasons. Does this mean your friendship with that person ends? No, certainly not, understand that like you have a situation to face, your friend also might have pressures to cope with. Never, get into the vicious circle of judging somebody, having vengeance against somebody or holding a grudge for the same. It is absolutely fine for people to reject, as it is their choice whether to help you or not. Let them make their choice. But, that’ll also make it clear for you as to who cares for you and who is with you for your money and other luxuries. After all this, you might feel that a certain could have helped you but didn’t help you intentionally because of their selfishness intentionally.

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Taking help

creates a very sensitive situation. The person who gives help holds the higher mantle and it in his/her hand to make the other person feel comfortable. The situation is considered rightly sensitive because the person who gives help should be mindful of the fact that their friend/help seeker is continually seeking help or getting into the habit of taking the help. With an extended family member or a close friend, this situation might arise. It is time that you realise that you have to stop doing for them because they’ll leave you in a condition where you’ll have to start seeking help for yourself because of them. 

Giving help should be as tactful and careful as taking the help. Helping genuine causes in society financially is good but not making the effort to understand and help the right causes is important. 

When you are with your friends you never realize the time you spend with them. But, with time passing you’ll realize who your friends are!

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