Habits: The core of your life!


What have you done about your habits? How do you deal with them?

Our life revolves around what we do and the duties we execute and the attitude with which we approach our lives is our habit. Habits in many ways define your life, the way to get ahead in your life always starts from bringing change in your habits. 

All of us crave enhancement in our lives, in many ways this enhancement is possible if you bring a change in how you execute things, what you do cannot be changed that often, but how you execute your duties makes a world of a difference. 

The term habit as per Oxford Dictionary is defined as “a thing that you do often and almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing”. That alone denotes how strong an impact your habits have on your life. 

Here are a few ways to deal with your habits; getting rid of the bad habits and enhancing your good habits. 

Realised it yet? : A habit is always a creation in the background of your life, it makes its way to the foreground only when it becomes so big that it cannot remain in the background anymore. Some basic habits people have a problem dealing with, especially when people are young, is laziness, lack of motivation, not realising our duties, being overtly careless, ignorance and so on. Realising something you are involuntarily doing is your first step to recognize a habit. Whether it is good or bad is the next immediate step.

Addressing Bad Habits: Your habits are often a repercussion of a certain situation you have been through a certain company you’ve had for a long time and other factors like upbringing, personal experiences and so on. Your habits develop first, you realise it much later. How do you come to terms with your habit? Change it overnight? No, that is never the way out of any bad habit. The first step towards any habit is regulation. Regulate your habit. If you have been postponing your workout because of laziness, then start with a half-hour walk every day. Do not hit the gym the very next day and spend three hours. You will still find times when your habits will find ways to revive. So, accept the situation and act accordingly. A very fine sense of wisdom, courage and dedication is the perfect remedy for getting over a bad habit. When you think that you have reached a stage where you are unable to curb a certain habit yourself then seek out help, talk to your family members and in extreme cases, you can also seek professional help. But it would be pessimistic to say that a given habit has no way to be curbed. There is always a way out and you’ll surely find it. 

Enhancing Good Habits: Good habits are your strengths, they make you stand out, they are to be given more attention and time so that they can do wonders for you. A good habit is like a hidden treasure within you, if you do not realise your capacity of pursuing something spectacularly, then it is a loss. While your bad habits deteriorate your quality of life, good habits on the other hand enhance your life. 

For instance, you might be very particular about time. You might like eating your meals on time, working on time, resting on time and so on. This is a brilliantly good habit, in the corporate world, you will be known for your punctuality and timeliness. A highly valued trait in the work environment. Realise your good habits and bring them to the forefront of your personality. This also gives scope for you to develop more of such habits that enhance your life. However, it should not go to the extent that you’re pressurized to portray a certain quality in front of others all the time. Let it happen naturally, it’ll take its own time and pace. 

Developing New Habits: You might be so impressed by what somebody else is doing that you might want to do the same thing the same way. It is good to be inspired by someone but you have your challenges and ways to execute things. Think before you take something up. Don’t be in a rush. Blindly following something is never a good option in the long run. The best way to develop a habit is to make those inspirations your own. Make them yours and bring the best out of yourself. Developing a habit should be a conscious choice, a choice made to bring a change in your life. 

There is no perfect time: You need not wait for the right time to inculcate or get rid of a certain habit. These habits have a huge role to play all through your life and in every aspect of life and hence, do not be scared of age, time or people and make that change that very moment. People might react differently to your change, some might appreciate, some might criticize, some will also be inspired but none of this should matter. Your change is yours to make and for you to enhance the quality of your life

Some human traits that you need to have to easily bring a change in your habits are: wisdom, acceptance, realization, courage, dedication and will. 

The lessons we learn in our lives are precious and our habits are a consequence of what we learn and what we have been through. Understand their significance and act upon them wisely

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