Five things you have to do in the morning for you to transform your life!

  1. Get up early 

People have always told this and again that it is important to get up and sleep on time. Getting up on time instills a feeling of discipline. Early in the morning, the nature and surroundings are fresh, free of any kind of pollution. The entire scenario is of peace and tranquility. If we sleep during these hours we miss out on all the serenity and peace of the morning. We will possibly end up waking to vehicle honks, door bells and phone notifications. As healthy individuals, we must get up early and use these hours fruitfully for self-development and should ensure that we are evolving by the day. Yes, morning hours do the magic, try it and you’ll get it.

Now, there are two main challenges you have to overcome, one is to get up early and the second is to be consistent. A good way to overcome both these challenges is to adapt the 21 day theory. It is often said that any habit consciously adapted for about 21 days is sure to stay with you forever. Our effort should be to pursue it sincerely for 21 days and then it will become a habit. So try it and see, it is sure to work

  1. Morning time is exercise time? Yeah, sure!

Morning time is the best time to exercise for your body. Ideally it is good to regulate your body in such a way that it is empty and free in the morning so that you are free to move around and exercise. Also, if you work on your mind and body right in the morning, your day is sure to go well. See what fits you the best, if you are someone who wants to hit the gym or walk for an hour in the park or even do yoga and breathing exercises at home or play a sport of your choice. Once you realise what fits you the best, you can adapt to it and pursue it irrespective of any factors. Make it a point that this happens, many health and fitness instructors will testify the fact that working out in the morning has multiple benefits.

  1. The time to work on flaws/creativity/goals 

Morning time is literally a time where a fresh leaf of your life presents itself to you, you can make it beautiful. It is completely in your hands and your hands alone. Use this time to work on flaws, work on your limitations that become a barrier to achieving your dreams. Write them down, see what you can do to get over it, draft strategies to tackle it and make this limitation your strength and get ahead. Another important thing to identify about morning time is that it is the perfect time to come up with creative thoughts and ideas. You have just woken up and your mind has not accumulated the thousands of thoughts that it will accumulate over the day. A clean and fresh mind is the home to innovation and creativity and can give birth to some path breaking ideas that can benefit you in leaps and bounds. 

Moving on, we should also take out time in the morning to retrospect our lives. We have to understand where we are and what have we achieved? We need to ask ourselves questions like Am I getting closer to where I want to be? Are my decisions sound and do they take into consideration factors that are important to me? Are your goals being achieved? Are you overlooking anything? So on and so forth, take out time alone and think about it, it will transform your life. 

  1. Be a planner 

A planner is always ahead of time. When you plan everything you reduce the chances of any problems or issues. This means that a planner is intelligent because he/she plans everything to avoid pitfalls. Plan your day, plan every hour, your plan can have your work list, lunch time, tea break and any other activity you pursue. We tend to trust our memories way too much and never really write things down, but you will see the difference when you start jotting things down and when you eventually tick things off the list, the gratification is something else. Make this a habit and it will change things for you. Again morning is the best time because your day starts then. 

  1. Take out time for yourself

This is an extremely important aspect of mental and physical well being at any stage in your life. Your self time is yours and you have to take out time for it, doesn’t matter if you are a mother or a daughter, father or a son, grandparent or grandchild, employed or student, homemaker or businessman, you HAVE to take out time for yourself. This time helps you rejuvenate and helps you look at life with a fresh perspective, every time you do it. What better time than in the morning. 

So, get started today!

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