Fashion, what is it all about?

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Fashion is an extensively common word used in today’s world. In fact there is a world for fashion, extended standards of beauty, there is a lot of study done in the design and technology of fashion. As we proceed ahead, fashion seems to be a consistent word through the various dictionaries of time. People have their career planned in pursuing fashion and an entire fashion industry operates in significant parts of the world. Yes, it is a lot bigger than we think, yet a lot smaller than it is. 


There is no defined concept or definition of fashion but broadly it is understood as a trend of representation through clothing, jewellery and other accessories. But the only constant aspect about fashion is that it is never the same at two points in time. Change is indeed the only concept. What was in fashion today is out of fashion tomorrow and vice versa. Hence, is it all that important to be along with fashion when fashion itself is not a constant, is a question we have to ask ourselves. 

Negative Impacts

False Standards Of Beauty

The human body is perfect only when you are doing the right things with it, just to fit into a garment if you play with your body inside, it is really concerning. Fashion has set false standards of beauty for women and men. It is bothersome because a working woman cannot afford to look like a model on the ramp, simply because of the nature of her duties. However, she is made to feel guilty because according to the popular media she is not the ideal beauty. As a matter of fact, if we do a health check up of the working woman and the model on the ramp, it wouldn’t be surprising to find the working woman’s health metrics to be better and higher. Starving and losing weight unnaturally will surely have serious consequences in the future. Hence, do not be swayed by these fale standards. 

Mental Health Concerns

Mental health issues that arise due to low self esteem and self confidence are harmful and take a long time to get over. All of this comes when people feel that they do not match fashion standards. Yes, it exists. There are people who get cosmetic surgeries done to match themselves to the so-called ideal beauty standards. This is happening because they simply cannot take their body assuming its natural course over time. That’s how important beauty has become, It is only after a really long time that people discover that they feel mentally unwell due to years of struggle of matching up to fashion. Many fall prey to depression, anxiety and other mild and serious psychological illnesses. Hence, we must understand and propagate natural beauty, which is good for your body and for your mind.

Physical Health Concerns 

Our habits today decide our future physical health. Every act of ours doesn’t show its response immediately. It takes time and later its effect is serious and has multiple consequences. Is it fair to heavily use such cosmetics that affect the skin or weight regimes that reduce your immunity or even drastic exercises or the plastic surgeries. Nothing is worth the serious health consequences one faces due to such habits. Hence, always understand that no fashion trend or not artificial make up is worth your health. Decorate yourself with positive virtues, optimistic thoughts, healthy food and an adventurous mind.

The Positive Side

Fashion is an expression of your inner self, so if certain clothes, jewellery or hairstyle or any other thing attracts you or makes you feel like it is an extension of your inner self outside, then you must embrace it, it keeps you happy and content. It makes you feel more like yourself, people will be able to look at these as signs that represent who you are. Yes, fashion as a n extension of representation plays a huge role. Fashion is also about the right fashion sense at the right place. For instance, wearing your jogging tracks to the office is not appropriate. At the same time wearing your formal clothes for a wedding seems out of place. It is important to understand the difference between creating new fashion trends and making it look inappropriate. There’s a thin line of difference between the two. However, while fashion has a good impact on your mind and your body, it is still not as significant as our personality itself. Do you want people to identify you with your clothes or with your good virtues and traits? It is the latter one right. Initially somebody might come to you because your fashion sense could have appealed to them. But, the role of your clothes ends there, what matters after that is your good virtues, the way you treat people and so on. Therefore, focus on your inner self more than your outward appearance. That way you will also start seeing people for what they are and not for how they look. 

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