Dressing up: What matters and what doesn’t

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 Dressing up: What matters and what doesn’t!

Dressing up is an important part of our lives in many ways. In many ways, it is an extension of our inner self and so it makes a difference. Dressing up gives a sense of gratification and is important for people to dress up in a certain way because it is a lot more than just clothes. But what is more essential today is that with the changing times, what value do clothes add to our life. For many, unfortunately it has become a reason for judgement and many access your virtues from the clothes you wear and so on. However, here is a list of factors that you can take into consideration when it comes to clothing!

  1. Do not care about what others have to say. 

You are dressing for yourself and so the only validation you need of yourself and not anybody else. Any judgements passed by people are for them to deal with, you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing. That shall be your only criteria, do not be bothered about what people have to say because it is going to make you feel uncomfortable and so think for yourself because when you are confident and comfortable, nobody else will have much to ask. 

  1. Comfort is fashion. 

Always remember that comfort is what matters the most when it comes to clothing unless you are in the fashion industry where you have to adorn clothes as a profession. Nobody should be compelled to wear clothes that do not keep them comfortable. This is not just about short clothes or clothes that cover you, it is about how comfortable you are in what you wear, whether it is a saree or a jumpsuit. Comfort comes first. The comfort levels can also change with time and so what you do not wear today, could be something that you would comfortable wearing in the future.

  1. Know what to wear, when and where!

There is always a certain decorum which we cannot break. We can challenge traditional fashion but cannot change the decorum or the appropriateness of clothing in certain places. For instance, you cannot wear a three piece suit to a beach party and so you cannot wear your gym clothes in an office meeting, it just looks inappropriate. That is why many organisations make it compulsory for people to follow a certain dress code for uniformity and to maintain a decorum. Many people keep dress codes for parties and get togethers also because over time fashion has become a very integral part of social life. Hence an understanding of what to wear when and where is sensible. 

  1. Age and clothing 

This is again a matter of choice. Two people of the same age can be comfortable in comparatively different types of clothing. We are the best judges of what suits us and what doesn’t. There is no defined standard of age appropriate dressing, as mentioned earlier, wearing what keeps you the most comfortable is ideal and that must be the only defining rule, if at all. 

  1.  Society and cultural influences 

Every tradition has had a certain clothing for men and women. This could be because of the geographical factors, the influence of several ideologies and so on. If people like following the same, it should be respected, unless and until it interferes with an individual’s personal freedom. People should not be forced to change their practices, nor should they be judged for their adherence to traditional practices. We live in a free society and so there should be inclusion and liberality in our perspective towards our surroundings. 


Dress and fashion is a part of culture. Clothing is often inspired by culture, that is why no matter how much we progress, some fabrics stay in trend. What better example than that of a saree, we find a million ways to drape it and keep it going in trend. However, while it is important to dress and stay in trend, our personality and perspective take precedence over everything else. So, if at all you have to work on anything, it has to be your attitude towards life, for it matters the most. Tailors can make you trend, but your personality makes you win!

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