Choice is actually yours!

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Every action of ours has a reaction. This action is a choice you make. You choose to study or not, you choose to talk to friends or not, you choose to be happy or not. The consequence of the choice is not in your hand, but the choice is 100%. If you are taking a decision under someone’s influence, then that is a choice too. Hence, the truth is that consciously or subconsciously we are choosing our good and bad. So, it is hard to blame somebody else. 

Hence, we should keep reminding ourselves to make the right choice, especially to the vulnerable and indecisive side of ours. Good things can happen only if you choose it to happen. 

Here is the seven point mantra to make the right choice:- 

  • Think: We often do not think before making choices therefore deciding something and then blame the situation or consequences for what happened. Whenever a choice is made, you have to ensure that you are confident of it and that will come only with sensible thinking and good wisdom. 
  • Knowledge is important: Knowledge of what you should be doing and the knowledge of what you shouldn’t be. While it is important to know what does good to you, it is also important to know what doesn’t. Also, this knowledge is very individualistic, what works for someone else will not work for you. Hence, try to understand your own perception and then make choices. For instance, a change in job could prove great for a friend of yours but a change in the job might not benefit you as much. Therefore, understand and decide without any external influence of force. Your choice will be clear to you and others. 
  • Learn from experience: In your life you have gone through significant ups and downs this should serve you as a reference point where you are able to make decisions based on your past experiences. This could start from small to big choices, for instance, if you know that you are allergic to coffee, your mind and body will automatically make the decision or choice to not have it, on the basis of a negative experience. Similarly, if somebody makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, you will make a choice to consciously avoid them. Learning from experiences is a must to make the right choice.
  • Indecisiveness, the biggest hurdle: The only virtue that stops you from making the right choice is indecisiveness. When you are extremely doubtful about making a choice, it makes you very under confident and uncomfortable and the result is a wrong choice. If not for a wrong choice it would just keep you in a doubtful state of mind, so, you’re neither here nor there. Hence get rid of indecisiveness, be committed towards your choice. Whatever it may be, try not to quit or backout from your decision. 
  • Clarity is power: A small statement that is clear is more important than an entire essay that is unclear. Your mind should be clear when you are making a choice. Clear means rid of prejudice, judgement, lack of knowledge, influence by others and so on and further your choice should be made crystal clear you shouldn’t keep too open ended for that matter. For example if you have decided to pursue a course in biology, your choice should show commitment and once you make up your mind you have to pursue the course until it’s done. This should be made clear to you, your family, your peers etc. You should never be comfortable with changing decisions or having a fickle mindset. Fickle mind and lack of clarity can lead you to make bad choices. Hence, for a good and a right choice stay far away from them.
  • Time and laziness: We always think of doing today’s work tomorrow and so on. Procrastination is not a good habit. When we postpone, we lose on time, we tend to become lazy and when you do not take the right decision at the right time, you simply lose it. Even a good choice made at an abstract time is not going to yield any result. Hence cast away this lazy attitude, be dynamic and make smart choices that will benefit you and will help reach closer to your goal. 
  • Prioritize: Every choice you make isn’t equally important. Some need more time and more guidance and hence take out time for the major choices first and then after that you can get to minor choices. This is also very important in day to day situations, weigh the pros and cons of making a choice and then go ahead with it. For instance it is more important to decide when you set up a meeting with the client and then you can decide your other internal tasks.

Life is all about choices, all you do from the time you take birth, till the end of your time is make choices and bear the consequences accordingly. Hence, making the right choices can enhance your life in ways unimaginable. Hence make the choice to always be happy and productive.

Oh, the choice is yours!

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