Chase your dreams: A reality you need to live!

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Have you realised your dreams? Do you think of your dreams all through the day? What is needed for you to make your thoughts a reality? 

Here are a few thoughts that give you that push to be closer to your dreams.

  1. You win a battle twice: When you develop an attraction towards a particular goal you tend to have this extremely exciting stage where you have imagined a life where you living your dream, doing the things you love to do, talking to people you’d like to spend time with. The same feeling finds it extremely difficult to sustain as you proceed with your efforts and when you get into a mould of regularly working towards your dream. Well, you have to capture the sense of victory, the initial love and attachment you have for your dream is your strongest weapon against demotivation. You win the battle twice, first in your mind, in your thoughts and then when you act upon that. So, if you win it once you win it twice! 
  2. Understanding your dream: A dream, an aspiration might tend to be bizarre. When we bizarre, it doesn’t mean that your dream cannot be something extraordinary. It only means that it has to be something that can be worked upon. You might be a post-graduate in psychology and you might suddenly dream of a career as a space scientist. It could mean a lot of sacrifices, going backwards in terms of your education and so on. What you need here is a sense of understanding. A sense of understanding doesn’t mean you cannot think of something drastic. It only means that you should be able to work out the technicalities and the practical plan of action towards your dreams. If that is done, then you know it’s all done!
  3. Do you think the reality is real?: Do not let anybody decide the boundaries of your dream. You might think of being an actor/actress but your friend or your uncle might say “The reality is very different out there” you’ll probably hear this way too often and all that your relatives have to say might be true too. However, that is no reason for you to stop pursuing your dream. These thoughts and opinions shared are hurdles that you have to cross. So, the reality is essentially what you make of it. If you dance, you’re dancing. If you read, the reality is that you are reading. If you dream and do not do anything about it, the reality is that you haven’t done anything. Make your reality! 
  4. What do you need?: What you need here is the three D’s Determination, Discipline and Dreams of course. Be determined to make your dreams a reality, be disciplined to plan your path and work towards in every day and dream dream dream until you succeed. Our dreams are nothing but possibly our purpose in life. It is our fate that leads us towards it. You might have thought of a life in banking but would have ended up as a minster. What happens is a consequence of our action towards our thoughts 
  5. Failure, a stepping stone: Any process takes some time. For a dream to come true, you’ll have to wait. For your efforts to fructify, it takes time. Always remember, there will be times where’d you feel like everything you do is a waste. It will seem like your plans are failing. The only way to get ahead of these times is to keep going. Take your breaks, get back to work, take guidance, but do not give up on your dreams. It is essential to understand that failing in your efforts or failing to achieve that goal the first time is common. You can go wrong, but you will realise it soon. Rest all will be history. 
  6. Achieved it? Well, it is time to sustain: When you finally reach your destination, you’ve reached the place you always wanted to be, you’ve succeeded in your endeavours. Then, what next? is it all over? No, this is where it all starts. You’ll realise that all that you’ve done so far was preliminary preparation, the main journey is yet to start. It will be a task and probably one of the toughest ones to be consistent in your efforts, in maintaining the position you achieved after many days of tiring efforts and hard work. Take in that joy and satisfaction with humility for that is what defines your approach towards life. 
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Dreams are often misunderstood as a combination of thoughts that belong to a fairyland, a dreamland where only things happen without logic and pragmatism. Well, if logic is what a dream requires to exist, bring in that level of practicality in your approach towards your desire and make that happen. When you have the energy, the enthusiasm, the will, the courage and the determination to achieve, you’ll find the world at your feet, your fate favouring you and will lead a life that stands as an inspiration to people with you and after you. 

Dare to dream to live! 

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