Anger: Your enemy to a good life

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Anger is one of the powerful emotions we possess. Strong because it can ruin a situation and make you do the wrong things rightfully at the spur of a moment. It becomes very important to understand and deal with anger and ensure we do not build up on the suppressed emotions of anger and get ourselves into further trouble. 

Anger is one of the staunch enemies of humanity. It can create a ruckus in your mind and push you to do things that definitely lead you to problems in the future and things that you always will regret. 

Here are a few tips to deal with anger.

  1. Ask yourself “Why?”: Whenever you think your anger is creeping in your mind, make it a habit to think to ask yourself why you are angry. What makes you angry? Is a given situation so annoying and unbearable that you give up your peace of mind for the same? If you think through you’ll realise that most of the situations that make you angry are putting you in that state of mind because you are forgetting to reason out a situation, you forget to understand a situation and you are blindly making an effort to justify an unjustified emotion inside you. Asking yourself will make it easy for you. It will help you calm down and focus and reason a situation.
  2. Stop speaking: While it might be difficult to control your anger in one go. It should be a comparatively easier effort to just stop speaking for the moment. While you are angry you speak things that will surely hurt the person to an extent that they might never forget for a long period of time. Whether what you told them is right or wrong is secondary. Multiple attempts to tell things like “ I told it in anger, I didn’t mean it” is not going to help in any way. The best solution is to keep quiet as far as you can. This helps in making the situation better. 
  3. Give yourself time and others too: Anger cannot be evaded away easily. You need time to get back to a normal state of mind and think over things. Another way of getting out of this state is to calm yourself down, distance yourself from other people and spend some time alone. Drink some water and spend time with yourself, this will calm you down and make you think logically. The same applies to others as well. We often tend to force others to talk or engage them in conversations thinking it will calm them down But, it doesn’t work that way. People tend to become angrier and it might even worsen the situation. 
  4. Physiology of anger: Your mind and body are often interlinked. A bad mental state of mind might make you feel unwell physically and similarly, a bad physical state could make you feel irritant and angry too. Many day-to-day situations where you feel angry for petty things could be a reason for your physical state. Not having enough food or overeating, physical exhaustion could make you feel irritant. Therefore you might snap for no reason at all. What you need to do is be calm in these situations and understand other people who were going through a similar situation. 
  5. Never Stagnate: Anger as an emotion can lead you towards other emotions of vengeance, revenge and jealousy. These emotions often lead you further trouble. It is better for you to sort out the situation, confront, speak up, discuss and get over the situation and in cases, you do not know what to do. Never let a certain emotion rule your thoughts and make you feel good about a bad action. Stagnating over a situation will often make you feel uncomfortable and leads to further misunderstandings and has the tendency to break relationships.
  6. Meditation/Yoga/Exercise: Mental and physical well being regulate your emotions. Working on your mind through practices such as meditation will channelize your energy and calm you down. Similarly, physical exercises calm you down too.  It is absolutely necessary for you to understand this and work on yourself and this is sure to solve your issues. The key is to ignore the emotion to the extent that it happens as few times as possible.

You are human and you might find some situations so serious that being angry seems like the only emotion you can emote and so on. Anger as an emotion is definitely not welcoming. People having temper issues should remember that it will reduce only if they learn how to control it. If required seek help from psychologists and talk to them about situations that bring the worst out of you. You surely dislike such situations. So, identify situations where you become angry. work on them and you are sure to find a way out.  

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