8 simple tips to balance technology usage and quality of life

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We are in the most happening age of technology, and every other day, a new technological invention is created to ease our life and enhance the quality of life. Because of technology, we don’t need to stand in queues to buy a movie ticket or make a bank transaction. We can easily connect with someone on the other side of the globe with just a click of a button. The world has become a global village, thanks to technology. It’s easier to get inspired and learn new skills today than it was 20 years back. Technology is the greatest boon ever, and we are in magical times. A lot can be done from the comfort of our home using technology, and this resulted in great change in the lifestyle of the current age. Along with our lifestyle changes, technology has also changed the face of our personal relationships.

Before technology advancement, we wrote letters to our loved ones when we were separated by distance. We went to our grandparents’ homes to meet them and spent days without any gadgets. We spoke to each other physically, looking into eyes. We played games with friends on a playground. Now, all these look like outdated stuff. Technology has entered every inch and corner of our lives and brought radical changes. Technology is a great power, and like everything else, technology is neither good nor bad. Its effects depend on how it is used. Today, let’s see some pointers on how to balance technology and quality of life.

8 tips to balance technology usage and quality of life:

1. Do some physical activity. Technology has enabled us to lead our quality of life without moving the physical body. We have machines to complete our daily chores. Our ancestors used to spend the entire day just to collect and eat the food. Now, we can get ready-made food just by swiping on our mobile in a matter of a few minutes. But we should not forget the fundamental law of nature that our bodies are built to move and do physical activity. Our body’s nature is – use it or lose it. If we don’t use our body parts in some activity, they end up in diseases. So, involve in some physical activity every day. It could be walking or doing household chores without machines or doing yoga or anything else. Make it a priority to move your body because moving is the inherent nature of your body.

2. Prioritize the physical time you spend with your close family members and friends. In this day of time and age, we are all living fast-paced lives, and we have a lot to do. Calling someone is easier than meeting physically, and Whatsapping is a lot easier than calling. Yet, when it comes to relationships with close family members and friends, nothing can replace the magic of physical presence. The way you see, your smile, your voice, your touch – each of these matters in shaping relationships. Be there for your family and friends physically. Make it a priority.

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3. Give attention fully. Some of us do give our physical presence to others, but we don’t give the attention they deserve. We are preoccupied with texting, commenting on Facebook and Insta, browsing something while we are conversing with others. Facebook and Insta can wait. Emails can wait. There is no urgency. The other person is waiting for your attention and engagement in a conversation. Make the other person priority and give complete attention. It’s not only time exchange but energy exchange as well that matters. So, keep technology aside when you are conversing with someone physically and give your full attention. With this simple act, you become a wonderful spouse, a wonderful parent, a wonderful employee, and a wonderful human being creating magic in your life.

4. Be aware of gaming addiction. We have so many games on mobiles and laptops. They are engaging, mentally stimulating, and can become addictive very soon because they are created and carefully designed to become addictive. WHO declared gaming addiction as a mental health disorder which can lead to issues like anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression. Gaming addiction can also lead to poor interpersonal relationships, loss of productivity and purpose in life, loss of health, and eventually resulting in an isolated life. Prioritize the amount of time you spend on gaming and be careful not to get into an addictive mode.

5. Play sports and physical games. Play and encourage children to play football, cricket, badminton, and any other physical game. These sports make you fit, healthy, happy, and also release accumulated stress in the body. They teach teamwork, the joy of winning, and the ability to accept losing. Life has ups and downs, and the playground is the best place to learn this philosophy in a fun way.

6. Limit your Social Media and internet time. The positive side of Social Media is that it’s easy to keep in touch with our friends and family members. Having said that, Social Media platforms are designed to engage the audience and make the audience addicted to them. Be careful and alert about the amount of time you are spending on Social Media. If you are not careful enough, you can lose your productivity and precious time in doing nothing. Yes, it’s exciting to read all the updates and see all the pics. Yet, it’s more exciting to live quality of life doing things that matter to you and pursuing your dreams and goals. Same with your internet time. The Internet has a lot of resources to learn things, create new stuff and transform lives. Yet, it can become addictive and unproductive if we are not alert about where and how we are spending our time on the Internet.

7. Use free time productively. Technology has made it easy for us to manage our homes and daily chores and has freed our time. Yet, ironically, we keep saying – I don’t have enough time. One reason this is happening is that many of us are spending our free time on the Internet without tracking how much time we are spending. Instead, use this free time to build your skills, your health and fitness, your relationships. Invest your time in learning and working on yourself – the most important person in your life. There are many distractions in life due to technology. Understand where to draw the line and safeguard your time carefully because time, once lost, is lost forever. Technology is for you and not the other way round. Be in control of technology rather than technology controlling and dictating your day-to-day life.

8. Spend time in nature. Watching a documentary on nature or seeing the most beautiful pics of nature on your mobile cannot come anywhere close to the real joy of spending time in nature. Spend time in nature. It need not be extensive vacations to some far-off places. Even a nearby small park will do. Watch the birds, animals, trees, butterflies, flowers. Enjoy the simple joy of sitting under tree shade and walking barefoot on grass. This simple act of spending time in nature will de-stress you and heal your body and mind.

These are some pointers on how to walk hand-in-hand with technology without impacting the quality of our lives. Technology is a great power in our hands. Yet, there is life beyond technology, and we should not miss this beautiful life with so many precious, living, real moments.

Enjoy your life!

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