7 powerful tips to enhance the positive vibes of your home

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Home, Sweet Home! Home is one of the basic needs of a human being. Our home is the place where we spend a great majority of our time. It is the place where we make life-changing decisions, rejuvenate ourselves every day, and relax. Home is a place where you can be yourself and feel loved, secured, and nourished. Most importantly, it is the place where you plan your life. A dirty, messy home creates a messy life, and a clean, peaceful home creates a peaceful life. Hence, Indian and Chinese traditions have their own Science on how to clean and take care of home because they understood the role and importance played by a home in shaping one’s life.

So, what makes a home? Is it the architecture or interiors or the people living in it? It’s all of these and more. Its cleanliness, positivity, love, relationships, happiness, beauty, and many more such positive thoughts and emotions put together in a physical space. Just like we keep the body clean by bathing every day, it’s important to maintain the cleanliness of our home. We should take measures like sweeping, mopping, dusting, cleaning every day, and use the best of the cleaning materials to keep the home clean. But is cleaning home on a physical level enough? No. This is not enough. 

Home is more than a physical structure, just like us. It is not only walls and rooms but also contains and stores the thoughts and emotions of people living in it currently and in the past. Being humans, it’s common to generate negative thoughts and emotions day-in and day-out for various reasons. These thoughts and emotions linger around in the home and impact the mood of the occupants. Hence, it’s essential to regularly clean a home on a physical level and also in terms of thoughts, emotions, and energies. Today, let’s see how to take care of home not only on the physical level but also beyond it.

7 tips to enhance the positive vibes of our home:

1. Burn Incense Sticks and Sambrani at home: This is an age-old ritual followed in various cultures. Burning incense and sambrani relaxes the mind and acts as mood enhancers. Pleasant fragrances are found to de-stress and improve one’s productivity. It is also said that burning these beautiful fragrances invite angels into our home. So, burn that nice smelling incense and sambrani around home during dawn and dusk. Be careful not to use chemical-loaded substances because when toxic substances are burnt, the environment becomes polluted, and the purpose is lost. Choose natural products.

2. Play mantras at home: Mantras work whether you have faith in them or not. Mantras are sound vibrations, and these vibrations affect the environment and people living in the place in which mantras are played. Mantras are sacred sounds repeated again and again. When mantras are chanted or played at home, they clean accumulated stress, negative thoughts, and emotions of the past. They also infuse positive energies into the home and bring peace and joy to the occupants. Choose any mantra like Om or Gayatri Mantra or any other mantra that appeals to you.

3. Usage of Aroma Oils: Aroma Oils are used since ancient times to heal and enhance the energies of a place. They are the oils extracted from plants and have the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which they are derived. They are excellent tools for 

1. Stress-relief

2. Infusing loving and peaceful energies

3. Enhancing the mood

4. Healing body and mind

5. Cleaning home and any other space on physical and energy level

Aroma oil

There are a wide variety of essential oils available. Essential oils like pine oil, lavender oil, rose oil, sandalwood oil, etc. are excellent to enhance the energies of a place. You can use them as floor cleaners or diffuse them around every day.

4. Floor cleaning with Salt: Salt is widely used in all ancient cultures for healing and removing negative energies of a place. You can add salt to the water and clean the floor of your home. This cleans your home of negative energies. To make it more effective, you can add aroma oils to salt and clean the floor.

5. Meditate and send loving energies: Meditation is a great to free oneself from negative thoughts and emotions. When you meditate, you enter into deep stillness within, which has below benefits.

1.It heals body and mind

2. Relieves stress

3. Helps with anger

4. Heals relationships

5. Makes it easy to forgive others

6. Strengthens the power of thoughts

7. Improves clarity of thinking

8. Invites positive energies into life and home

9. Heals and purifies the energies of the home

After your meditation, you can also send loving energies and peace to your entire home. When done regularly, these positive energies replace the negative thoughts and emotions present in the home and make your home a haven of peace.

6. Agnihotra or Homam: Agnihotra is an ancient fire ritual that uses sacred mantras, air-purifying substances like cow ghee, medicinal herbs, and fire. Agnihotra has below benefits

1. Purifies the air and atmosphere

2. Infuses positivity in the environment

3. Removes negative thoughts and emotions generated in the past in a home

4. Enhances immunity system and improves the healing power of the body

5. Reduces stress

You can practice Agnihotra in your home periodically and enhance the energies of your home.

7.Some more pointers to enhance the positive energies of your home

1. Place indoor plants

2. Use bright colors, paintings and objects which evoke positive thoughts and emotions for decorating your home

3. Open the doors and windows of your home every day to allow the Sunlight and air into your home

4. Avoid depressive colors, paintings or decoration around

5. Light a Diya every day and connect with the divine

These are some pointers on how to enhance the positive energies of your home. Your home plays an important role in shaping your life and destiny. Your home is a being who blesses you with protection, care, warmth, and shelter. Take good care of your home. In return, your care is reciprocated in your life and comes back to you as good health, happiness, prosperity, success, and joy.

Wishing you health and peace!

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