5 Tips to overcome laziness

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Laziness and procrastination are traits that keep success and fulfilment further away from us. They often make us feel unsatisfied and eventually curb our motivation. All the successful people today have reached where they have because they overcame laziness and learned to focus on their goals. In the end of it, it is all a mind game. It is all in your thought, if you decide to not work and just chill, you will end up just doing that. If you decide to give every moment to work towards your goal you will benefit accordingly. 

Below are 5 key tips to overcome laziness

  1. Work on realistic goals with an action plan

We often get demotivated when we are unable to meet the goals that we have set for ourselves. The lack of motivation reduces our interest and desire to do something and so we feel it’s better to not do it at the moment. On other hand, when we do beyond our ability for a long time, all of sudden we find ourselves to be over exhausted and burnt out. This also makes us feel lazy. 

The best way out would be to keep smaller goals on a day to day basis and achieve them. Breaking your bigger goal into smaller goals will get you what you seek. This way we leave no scope for us to feel lazy because we are constantly motivated and consumed. Having an action plan for every task you pursue will make the process easier and achievable.

  1. Optimistic approach and perspective 

What we think of ourselves has got a lot to do with how we carry forward our tasks. If we are constantly being critical of what we are doing then your goal will move further away from you. Pessimistic self-talk harms your self-confidence and self-esteem and makes you want to give up on your dreams. This can make you lazy and demotivated. 

The way out is to change the lens with which you see every situation. For instance instead of telling yourself “I just can’t do this anymore” you could say “What’s the best that I can do in this situation” Being optimistic in tough situations seeks some courage and fortune will favour you if you stand up for yourself and do that bit.

  1. We do not live in a perfect world

Nobody expects us to be perfect. The beauty of humanity is in the fact that it thrives naturally accepting strengths and flaws. The idea of being perfect puts us in a very unrealistic situation. So much so that we tend to think that we’d either do things perfectly or not do them at all. We do not have to be perfect. We just have to do our bit every day to fulfil our needs, goals, dreams and desires. In this process, we are bound to make mistakes and that is absolutely fine. The idea of being perfect is being propagated among the youth so much so that many research findings highlight the strong urge of being the perfect person among the youth. The way out is to deal with things more naturally and understand that perfectionism is a flawed idea. We are here not to be perfect, but to be ourselves.

  1. What you eat decides how you are

Food intake has got a lot to do with our energy levels and ability to make things happen. Highly fried foods or food items and drinks with high sugar content are bound to make us feel lazy and low on energy because they take more time to digest and make us feel inactive. This will make us lazy and will reduce our overall productivity. The best way to keep your body active and healthy is to have food that is high in protein like eggs, dry fruits etc. High protein foods give your body the right nourishment and give it the energy it seeks to be active and productive. This way you will not feel lazy and low on energy, instead, you will be booming with high energy to accomplish all your tasks. Further, the right diet has to be accompanied by a good exercise regime. This will keep your mental and physical health stable. 

  1. Empty mind is a devil’s workshop: Keeping your mind and body active is key to a successful and healthy life

Laziness more or less means you do not feel like doing anything. This means you keep your mind and body inactive. This habit over a long period of time can give birth to some serious medical and physical health conditions. If you keep your mind inactive, it will start overthinking about stuff that you shouldn’t be thinking of. This could lead to anxiety and depression. Physically, an inactive body is eligible to accommodate all sorts of disorders from heart problems, hormonal issues, varying sugar levels and more. The best way to keep all of this away is to always keep yourself active. Even if you are a person who has nothing to do, you have to keep yourself occupied and kick out laziness to achieve the dreams that you have seen.

Follow these tips, overcome laziness and boost your overall well being for the better. After all, as the quote goes “ Laziness is nothing more than a habit of resting before you get tired” Hence, let’s run at our very best and achieve our dreams before we think of resting. 

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